Demon Hunter Demon Hunter v1.0.1

The devils want to use the power of darkness to destroy this world.
Is there a hero coming to save this world?
Is the final outcome salvation? Or doom?
It's all in your hands!


TopCar X TopCar X v1.0.3

FREE car racing game !
TopCarX provides the most exiting experience in a car race where you will be able to compete against other cars.
While you drive your car, you will be able to speed it up, get awards, save your petrol, avoid any crash with other cars ... and get the highest score while you drive your car.
TopCarX is a car game totally free.


Space Master (HD) Space Master (HD) v1.7

Spacemaster(HD):free game for 7 inch tablets!


Traffic Crossing Traffic Crossing v1.0.15

Traffic Crossing is a fun game in which you have to help the people cross the road in heavy traffic.20 Challenging Levels,15 Unique cars of different speeds to avoid/hit,Different types of people with different walking speeds,Awesome graphics,Beautiful backgrounds,Awesome music and sound effects.


Chess Master Online Chess Master Online v1.50

The best app for chess lovers: Play against AI or online at Skiller network and totally FREE!
This game supports 1 player, 2 player and online gameplay, so you can play against friends, test your skills against a challenging computer opponent or make .
For 1 player mode, various levels combine with an impressive chess engine to offer you a great chess playing experience and an ever increasing challenge on almost all Android device.


RapidRoll RapidRoll v1.8

Rapid Roll Classic is an addictive game that would help you with those stress moments or simply have a relaxed time. It is inspired in the original rapid roll from de Nokia 1112, 1200 among others.

Test your skills; the only thing you have to do is avoid the destruction of the ball.
Seem easy right?

Try it and discover how hard can be to control a simple ball

Really easy at the beginning but as velocity increases, things turn complicated and funny at the same time.


Candy slice Candy slice v1.2

Slice candies by your finger, and enjoy candies juice!
*** How to play ***
* Swipe to play game.


La cave aux énigmes La cave aux énigmes v6.0.0

Only in french.

La cave aux enigmes est un "recueil" d'énigme plus ou moins difficile. C'est le genre de jeu qu'on peut lancer quand on a envie de se prendre la tête 5 minutes dans le métro ou dans la voiture.

Idéal pour une petite réflexion quotidienne.

De nombreuses nouvelles énigmes à venir

- Nouvelles énigmes
- Amélioration des polices

Merci a Ashan de FrAndroid pour ses nombreuses corrections.


PixelStrip - Free PixelStrip - Free v23

Pixel Strip: Free Ad Supported Version.
Use your power of the rock, paper and scissors game to challenge beautiful woman to a stripping contest. Whoever loses, strips!

No sexual organs or 'parts below' are drawn in detail, yet if you are offended by very pixelated and cartoon nudity, don't download this game.

This game is ad supported. The ads are there to try and support me.


Softball Juggle! Softball Juggle! v1.2.0

A simple but fun softball ball juggling game.


Slingshot Defense Slingshot Defense v1.1.2

Take the slingshot and Defend yourself!

Slingshot Defense is a classic defense type game, where enemies are falling from the sky, and your only weapon against them is a Slingshot..!


Trollolol Trollolol v23.0

Troll your friends, create rage faced photos and share created comics :)

★ Automated faces detection and rageface swap
★ Take photo from camera or picture gallery
★ Share created comics via Facebook, email, mms and etcf


IQScanner IQScanner v1.8.6

Want to know your/your friends IQ by the scanner ? Let's try it and share with friends !!!


No Llores Ronaldo No Llores Ronaldo v10

Stop Cristiano Ronaldo from crying.
Stop the footballs, yellow cards and Lionel Messi from getting near him. But make sure that he drinks his milk!


Monkey Adventure 2 Monkey Adventure 2 v1.3

A new FREE game for hidden object game lovers. Hungry Monkey lost the fruits in the city. Find the fruits for the monkey..


Brain Up Brain Up v1.3.1

Brain Up is a suit of 8 addictive mini brain teaser games each of which targets a specific part of your brain. These games are very simple and effective.


Shadow Ninja Shadow Ninja v1.7

simple action game,like ninja


ChooChoo Logic ChooChoo Logic v1.1.0

A fun logic game in which you must guide all trains safely to their destinations.
This is a simple game, funny game, clever game, excellent game.
Come and play now ^^.


PK AOA PK AOA v5.0.0

Build your empire peacefully or wage war and claim territory with an iron fist. All on a real map!


Summoner Call Summoner Call v2.0.0

Are you ready for the final battle to defend your reign?
Join the battle in this CCG (Collectible Card Game) with a simplified and quicker gameplay, with some RPG elements such as character levelling and deck improvements.

- 3 heroes and 21 enemies with different attributes sets
- Over 60 cards with various effects
- 15 creatures to summon on your side
- Local and Global Leaderboards share with WP7 users
- An exciting soundtrack
- And much much more