W5GO Addition & Subtraction W5GO Addition & Subtraction v1.0

The Addition and Subtraction App is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergartners to develop the sense of Math (addition, subtraction and calculation) in them.


W5GoDigits W5GoDigits v1.0

Digits and Numbers - AR enabled Interactive Fun Learning App for Kids / Children.


Tales Tales v1.6

Stories of extraordinary animals, plants, and even people.


preschoolMath preschoolMath v1.2

This great app will teach your child to count, add, subtract and compare numbers.


Agriculture Dictionary Agriculture Dictionary v1.0

Dictionary of Agriculture Terms & Abbreviations.Works offline,no Internet needed


Encyclopedia:The Solar System Encyclopedia:The Solar System v2.8

Encyclopedia : The solar system will let you know about our solar system


10 Minutes Quadratic Equations 10 Minutes Quadratic Equations v1.0.1

In '10 minutes with quadratic equations' users can work with this type of equations.
If you work the ten diary minutes, you gradually notice how you will improve in maths.


Nomi e formule Nomi e formule v1.0

Names and Formulas. If you are studying General Chemistry this app is for you. It can help you review the names and formulas of the most common chemical compounds. You can train yourself in 7 compound families taken largely from Inorganic Chemistry and in 140 formulas distributed in groups of 20 and randomly chosen without repeating those already displayed.


Dictionary of Marine Terms & Abbreviations Dictionary of Marine Terms & Abbreviations v1.2

A Dictionary of Marine Terms and Abbreviations. Works offline,no Internet needed


Baby Paint Baby Paint v1.20

Baby Paint is a coloring and painting app specially created for kids.


Mochu Sky Ranger Mochu Sky Ranger v1.0.2

Learn English, Spanish, French and Italian


MoreOrLess MoreOrLess v1.0

В этой веселой игре малыш узнает что больше,а что меньше.


LearningColors LearningColors v1.0

Learn colors in Russian by playing


AzbukaAnimals AzbukaAnimals v1.0

Learn Russian alphabet and learn about the animals during the game


All-In-One Kids Learning All-In-One Kids Learning v2.0.0.0

This is the most educational learning game for Kindergarten and Pre-school Kids


行星宝宝 行星宝宝 v8.6

Introducing our solar system to children with fun and meaningful play!


Play in the Dark Play in the Dark v8.6

Overcome the fear of darkness through playful activities with shadows!


تعليم جدول الضرب تعليم جدول الضرب v1.0

برنامج تعليم جدول الضرب للأطفال بشكل سهل جدا
مميزات البرنامج
1- عرض جدول الضرب لكل جدول على حدة لسهولة الحفظ
2- عرض الجدول الشامل لجميع الجداول من جدول 2 الى جدول 10
3- تمارين و اختبار لكل جدول على حدة
4- تمارين و اختبار شاملة لجميع الجدوال
5- عرض عدد الاجابات الصحيحة وعدد الاجابات الخاطئة


Drop Math Free Drop Math Free v1.54

Drop Math Free is a match game incorporating math drill sheets to educate and entertain.


Drop Math Drop Math v1.5

Drop Math is a match game incorporating math drill sheets to educate and entertain.