Oh Mirror Mirror Oh Mirror Mirror v1.1

Oh Mirror Mirror is a fun mirror that speak to you and says funny phrases. They phrases are funny and cheeky compliments! Ask your Oh Mirror Mirror how you look! -


FanGlasses FanGlasses v1.05

FanGlasses - the long-awaited app that will let your inner freak get out of the box!


DroidTV DroidTV v5.0.50

Watch TV on your Android phone or tablet in full HD-480p resolution with DroidTV. Choose from thousands of episodes of the most popular shows from the major TV networks. Watch whenever you want, wherever you want. It’s TV the way you want it. It’s DroidTV.

Almost every current show from ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, and USA, plus several of the most popular shows from HBO and Showtime; almost 250 shows in all.


Guns Sounds Pro Guns Sounds Pro v1.0

Gun Sounds is an amazing android application that brings you gun sound effects like you haven’t heard before!.


Jantoo Cartoons Jantoo Cartoons v1.0

Hi there. Nice to meet you. We're Jantoo. A bunch of folk who like nothing better than sharing good humour and making the world smile.

Now we're even more accessible than ever. Jantoo's new app for Android brings you instant access to every single cartoon in our collection. Simply search, browse and laugh. Find something you like? Click through to where you can download the cartoon in seconds. It really is that easy.


Animal Sports Sound Board Animal Sports Sound Board v1.0.0

What would it sound like if a cat played a dog in tennis? Now you can find out with Animal Sports Sound Board!


Talking Fish Talking Fish v2.0

Welcome to my underwater world! You can either talk to me or tap the screen to play and have some fun!


La Grulla Sabia La Grulla Sabia v1.0

Esta app muestra en audio,video y texto La Grulla Sabia,una de las fábulas de Esopo en español.


Bro-Soundboard Ultra Bro-Soundboard Ultra v1.0

Sounds that could only eminate in the presence of a true Bro. Are you a BRO?


Fart Machine Fart Machine v2.0

Warning: May Destroy Friendships!


Social Buddy Social Buddy v2.2

Social Buddy is a hilarious app to help you in social situations. At a nightclub and need a pick-up line? Need a Yo Mama joke to insult one of your friends? On a date and need a topic to break the ice? Need a useless fact to impress others? Or are you at a bar and need a clever toast? Then Social Buddy is your guide to all these.


ModFace Free ModFace Free v2.01

You memefanatic can’t miss the Modface. The app that is going to make your photomontages easier and faster.

It is simple and fast: take a picture, the app is going to recognize people’s faces and automatically substitute their faces with one of the many memes available.


Crack My Screen Crack My Screen v2.0

Time to destroy your device!


Flick Ninja Flick Ninja v1.4.3

Throw shuriken with the flick of your finger!

Welcome to the battle of flying weapons. Fight against crazy opponents, hone your skills in Combo mode, or fight to the death in a Survival battle!


Football Airhorn Football Airhorn v1.2.1

A prank tool!

Select single or double horn sounds.

Wake your brother or your dog up!

Use it for parties, sports, to scare the neighbour kids, or anything else.

Reminds you of the soccer FIFA World Cup in Africa doesn't it?

Try playing it when you are speaking to someone over another phone!

New -> play 2 horns at the same time for a more disastrous effect!


Xylophone Xylophone v1.1.3

Xylophone is the best choice for children's entertainment, Mom and Dad can use it to teach children, the children will be very happy to use it.