Worldcrafter Worldcrafter v1.46

Worldcrafter is a sandbox game in the style of Minecraft. You control an avatar who can move around the world, which is completely different each time you start. The game is designed to be open-ended, so players can decide how they want to play.


Shaolin Master Shaolin Master v7.0

Do you have what it needs to become a Shaolin master?


Emergency Exit Emergency Exit v0.1.4

Run jump shoot trought the emergency exit


Save the Eggs Save the Eggs v1.0

Angry eagles have stolen the eggs of birds and they are throwing those eggs from sky to break them. Your part is to save all those eggs.
There are totally 12 different types of eggs which you can catch, some of them will increase your score and some of them will decrease your score.


ninjajumprevolution ninjajumprevolution v2.0

Welcome to “ninja jump revolution”.
You must experience this amusing game. Playing this game is real fun and you can enjoy this for hours.

This is a real light game and occupies only 10mb of your storage and can easily be played at
a device with normal hardware specification.


Mom vs Bad SE Mom vs Bad SE v4.0

Price Drop to .99!!!

Bad is up to no good and it’s up to Mom to put the world right!

Cats and other animals are falling from the skies!
Help Mom rescue the pets in peril!


FruitEater FruitEater v1.0

Fruit Eater is a unique water mini-game with realistic physics designed for mobile devices. Your mission is to help Hippo eat all the fruits as fast as it possible. Kids enjoy playing greatly, watching the water. Lift all of the drowned fruits up with a water flow by pushing the button. Stear your device to drive the fruits within stunningly realistic water scene.


Nightmare Nightmare v1.0.14

Do you know what happend in your room at night? Let's find out!


Andron FREE Andron FREE v1.0.0

3D Action-racing-game


Kick the Chick Kick the Chick v1.8


Kick the Chick is a game for everyone who likes to Kick or Throw !
This game is all about the chickens who want to learn how to fly! but don't worry. this job is going to be done in farm and the farmer is watching out for the chicks.


No Rum! No Rum! v1.0

Blast bottles, break glass, enjoy the fun of breaking bottles.


Fruit King Fruit King v3.5.1

Drop the foul fruits and fetch the fresh, laughing fruits to yourself!
Be lightning and challenge your reaction capacity!


Knife Joy Knife Joy v1.2.1

Stab the gaps between a man's hand with a knife without cutting his finger.


Mosquito Punch Mosquito Punch v1.0

Smash noisy mosquito!


Up2TheStars Up2TheStars v0.9.0.1

Up 2 The Stars. Aliens pursuit - is an action game for phone and tablets.
The game sees players in the role of Scrooge.

The main hero saw as aliens stole his bank and going for a pursuit for them on the balloon (aerostat).

Game mission:
Pickup more coins as possible what was scattered from the bank.

thunderclouds and missiles


Fruit Balloons Fruit Balloons v1.3

Join the fun with Fruit Balloons !

Bored of swapping gems and jewels? Do you like a challenge? Fruit Balloons is the game for you! This action packed game with exciting gameplay will have you hooked in no time.


Witch Muncher Candy Collector Witch Muncher Candy Collector v1.0.0

Collect magical candy!


Pet Wars Pet Wars v1.0.4

Wizard Dogs vs Evil Cyborg Cats + Magic + Weapons + Leveling up = Explosive fun!


Survival Run Survival Run v1.3.2

Sometimes you have to RUN to Survive! In Survival Run with Bear Grylls, by F84 Games, you will run for your life from the world’s most relentless grizzly bear.


Penguins Patriot (FULL) Penguins Patriot (FULL) v1.0

Help Penguins for attacking Alien, protect earth and winner the war.
Penguins patriot full version is powerfull of the game !
you can find a new concept playing the games, only touch the screen for moving object.