Hypnotic Mandala full version Hypnotic Mandala full version v1.12

Experience a never ending flow of hypnotic mandala patterns! This live wallpaper will light up your mobile with a stream of shining colors and ever changing patterns.It has a mind elevating effect, which makes it very suitable for meditation or just relaxing.

You can choose between 10 different mandala patterns. You can also create your own patterns, by changing the the colors, transparency and the rotation. You can adjust the speed and battery saving functionality is included.


Morphing Galaxy Visualizer Morphing Galaxy Visualizer v1.49

Experience 40 different galaxies in this colorful Music Visualizer!
Bring the awe-inspiring beauty and force of the universe to your device with galaxies that morph endlessly in this Live wallpaper and music visualizer app! It creates a unique and colorful soundscape, when it syncs with your favorite music. 11 ways of visualizing the music are included.


Magnetic Pulsator free version Magnetic Pulsator free version v3.1

Magnetic pulsator uses formulas from quantum physics to simulate magnetic motions, which occur at the quantum level. This simulation creates fascinating and hypnotizing patterns. This live wallpaper is truly one of its kind, there is nothing similar on the market. Experience this never ending flow of strange magnetic wave patterns now!

Menu>Wallpaper>LIVE wallpapers>Magnetic pulsator


Droid Eye in Space Droid Eye in Space v4.0.0

Droid Eye in Space Live Wallpaper.


Animated Flowers Pattern Animated Flowers Pattern v4.0.0

Animated Flowers Pattern Live Wallpaper.


Metal Galaxy Metal Galaxy v4.0.0

Metal Galaxy Live Wallpaper.


Gold Time Machine Gold Time Machine v4.0.0

Gold Time Machine Live Wallpaper.


Diffusion of Water Waves Diffusion of Water Waves v4.0.0

Diffusion of Water Waves Live Wallpaper.


Silver Time Machine Silver Time Machine v4.0.0

Silver Time Machine Live Wallpaper.


Honeycomb Waves Honeycomb Waves v4.0.0

Honeycomb Waves Live Wallpaper.


Heartbeat Healthy ECG Heartbeat Healthy ECG v4.0.0

Heartbeat Healthy ECG Live Wallpaper.


Milky Way Galaxy Core Milky Way Galaxy Core v4.0.0

Milky Way Galaxy Core Live Wallpaper.


Silver Glossy Silver Glossy v4.0.0

Silver Glossy Live Wallpaper.


Green Dots Reflectors Green Dots Reflectors v4.0.0

Green Dots Reflectors Live Wallpaper.


Retro Projector Retro Projector v4.0.0

Retro Projector Live Wallpaper.


SciFi 3D Tunnel Effect SciFi 3D Tunnel Effect v4.0.0

SciFi 3D Tunnel Effect Live Wallpaper.


3D Sparkle Cubes Animation 3D Sparkle Cubes Animation v4.0.0

3D Sparkle Cubes Animation Live Wallpaper.


Infinity Piano Keyboard Infinity Piano Keyboard v4.0.0

Infinity Piano Keyboard Live Wallpaper.


Laser Show Laser Show v4.0.0

Laser Show Live Wallpaper.


3D Android Assembling 3D Android Assembling v4.0.0

3D Android Assembling Live Wallpaper.