AIO Soccer AIO Soccer v1.0.7

Designed to provide winner prediction and fixtures information of the most popular soccer events of all time such as World Cup, Euro Cup, Premier League and Champion League.


AndroFlight AndroFlight v2.1.6

AndroFlight is all a hang glider pilot needs during the flight.


AndroFlight License AndroFlight License v1.2

This AndroFlight License enables the use of AndroFlight without Limitations.


Basketball Coach Board Basketball Coach Board v1.3

Use Basketball Coach Board to coach and explain your tactics before and during the Basketball game.


Bench press +50lbs Bench press +50lbs v1.4

Do you want add 50 lbs to your bench press within a seven week period?


CodeY CodeY v3.01

CodeY Pro is the best application that provide match highlights and Goal review.


Coral mobile Coral mobile v1.3

Download Coral Sports Betting to your Android device now and Bet £5 to claim your £20 FREE bet!*



The best complete Cricket app with live scores & more right at your fingertips.

added cool widget to view live cricket scores in your home screen. You can also select the match you want to follow in your widget

Stay updated with the latest happenings of all Cricket tournaments and matches. Get live scores, fixtures, match results, latest news and other match details right on your phone


DMN Sport DMN Sport v1.0

Παιδικά Ρούχα, Βρεφικά Ρούχα, Bebe


DONOVALY cyklo DONOVALY cyklo v5.2.7

MTB cyklotrasy na Donovaloch pre tých, ktorí radi obdivujú krásy prírody zo sedla bicykla. Donovaly ponúkajú veľa značených cyklotrás pre horské aj trekingové bicykle, ako i možnosti pre rodiny s deťmi.


Eurobasket 2013 Eurobasket 2013 v1.2

Follow Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia game results, team ranks and single game schedules.


Expekt Expekt v2.5.0

Instant Access to 30,000+ Sports bets every day at the palm of your hand!


Fishing diary Fishing diary v2.2.3

Fishing diary is an application that records all the useful information of each fishing day, including photos of catches, and save the exact position where you have been fishing.
Fishing diary is not just a simple diary, from the recorded data can tell you that sites give more catches or best pieces. In addition, for each fishing area, you will know what conditions it have been more favorable.


GamePlan GamePlan v5.7.6

Is Messi playing tonight? When is Manchester United's next game? Are there any matches worth watching today?

GamePlan Football (Soccer) lets you create your own guide with a personalized game overview and one-click access to news, scores, schedules, stats, standings, lineups etc.
The content of the app (news, standings, stats) is based on the players and teams that you select.


HOREHRONIE cyklo HOREHRONIE cyklo v5.2.7

MTB cyklotrasy na Horehroní pre tých, ktorí radi obdivujú krásy prírody zo sedla bicykla. Horehronie ponúka veľa značených cyklotrás pre horské aj trekingové bicykle, ako i možnosti pre rodiny s deťmi.


Livepeak Livepeak v1.0.2

Live tracking for your outdoor activities


On Board Sports On Board Sports v1.14

Place the players and guide them through all kinds of fields: football, basketball, hockey or ringette and show off your moves.


Onside Sports Onside Sports v2.3.3 (23ab437)

The ultimate app for sports bettors! We are a sports only community built by sports bettors because they wanted a better experience for checking live scores and odds.


Scoresline Scoresline v1.30

The best sports score app for Android, ScoresLine is lightning fast and easy to use, and supports voice recognition! No matter where you are, you'll always know the score with ScoresLine.



MTB cyklotrasy pre všetkých nadšencov horskej cyklistiky, ktorí radi bicyklujú v slovenských horách. Obsahuje viac ako tri desiatky trás v rôznych pohoriach.