Riddle Online Riddle Online v1.0.0

“Riddle Online” is a multiuser game with connection to Social Media. The purpose is to solve a riddle at the same time as other players.


Word Twister Game Word Twister Game v2.1.3

Word twister is a word game, it scrambles all the word letters in random order and user's goal is to rearrange the letters to form the meaningful word.


Word Mastermind Word Mastermind v1.3

Can you break the code?


Riddle Me This Riddle Me This v7.0.0

Keep your brain ticking over with these head scratching riddles!

- Over 300 clever riddles to solve (more coming soon)
- A fun NEW hint system so that you don't get stuck too long
- Facebook sharing!
- Create, edit and share your own riddles with other Riddle Me This users!
- Star your favourite riddles so you can remember them and tell to your friends!
- A timer to keep track of how long you've been stuck on each riddle and for bonus points

Solve all these brain teasers today!


Quiz Battle International Quiz Battle International v1.12

★ Knowledge is power and we want to unite the knowledge of the world! ★ We want you to see how marvelous the world is and how many fantastic things we humans have done. A quiz is a good way of learning facts since you have to think hard and try to remember your facts. In this quiz you will be able to contribute your knowledge to compete with other nations all over the world. Which country is the smartest?


French Scrabble Checker French Scrabble Checker v1.1

Scrabble Checker is a simple and accurate word checker (word judge) for Scrabble or other word games.


Letter Challenge Letter Challenge v1.1

Letter Challenge is a word puzzle game where the player must discover the
randomly chosen word.


Hangman of Fortune Hangman of Fortune v1.5

Multiplayer Hangman Action has arrived! A beautiful and totally original take on the classic game of Hangman.


Word Athletics Word Athletics v1.2.0

You can compete against the world or just use this game as a training exercise for to expand your word-knowlegde..


NumberZ NumberZ v2.1


Select adjacent tiles with the same colour to match the numbers below the field! Try to collect as many coins as possible in one turn! Collected coins are are added to your total: use them to unlock upgrades!


WordSlide WordSlide v1.31

Play WordSlide, the addictive, fast-paced word game. Slide letter tiles anywhere on the screen to make words. Make at least 5 words before time runs out to reach the next level. Try it, and you’ll be hooked!


Dota Quiz Dota Quiz v1.0.1

Welcome to DotA Quiz!

This is a simple, yet awesome app to test your Defense of the Ancients (DotA) game knowledge.

DotA Quiz has a large database of heroes and skills for you to answer. And beside high score record, you can also break your own correct answer streak.

If you are a professional DotA player, you must absolutely try this app!


Synonymous Synonymous v2.0.1

Sick of all the mindless Logo or Icon Quiz games? Good with words? Synonymous is a Pop Quiz game with a twist! Guess famous pop culture references which have been reworded with synonyms and other types of wordplay! Can you guess all the clues?


Combine Words Combine Words v1.1

Combine words is brain-puzzle-word game that popular for parents and children. Nobody knows when this game appear but it was a long-long time ago.


Words 4 Pics Words 4 Pics v2.2

Can you guess the hidden word by looking at only 4 pictures?


Tux Words Tux Words v2.1.1

Play with Words
This is a guess-the-word game inspired by the Dutch gameshow 'Lingo' (as in: Letter-Bingo)
If you like wordfeud, you might also like this game.


Make a Word Make a Word v1.0

Test your vocabulary !! Play 'Make a Word' and find out!


Λέξη-Λέξη Λέξη-Λέξη v1.03

Lexi-Lexi, a Greek only fun word game.


Guess Words Guess Words v1.0.2

Race against time or try to survive against tough words. Earn the badges!


Whats That Hidden Image Whats That Hidden Image v1.0

Can you guess what image is hidden under the tiles?