Net Tarot Net Tarot v1.9.6

A Four players 'french' Tarot card game.


Bingo Game Bingo Game v2.0.3

Get ready for Bingo, the ultimate multi-player network bingo game. This fast moving adventure has multiple-levels, tons of fun goodies to achieve collect and surprise power plays. Come and see what the next generation of Bingo fun looks like!


Video Poker Video Poker v3.2.2

Video Poker is a simulated casino poker game. A player's goal is to obtain a poker hand from 5 randomly displayed cards.


Housie Super Housie Super v2.0.3

Housie Super is simulated multi player network game, it is also known as Tambola, 90 ball bingo. it has multi levels, achievements, collectible, treasure chest and power play.

Multiple game themes ( Housie City and Housie Party, Housie Beach, Soccer, Forest, Housie Halloween, Housie Airport and Housie Christmas, Bingo Water Park ) to choose, so game is always looks fresh.


Hearts Hearts v1.1.5

Hearts is a trick game, It is played with a single deck of 52 cards, with four players. In this game version you play against Jhon,Smith and Tom.The object of game is to have the lowest score at the end of the game.


Pyramid Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire v1.0.8

Goal of the game is to clear all the pyramid cards; create pair of cards whose rank sum is 13, You can drag and drop unblocked card to form pair, you can drop flipped deck card or unblocked pyramid card on unblocked pyramid card to pair.
If there is no possible combination ( sum 13 pair ) tap on the deck to refresh the deck again, you can flip deck 3 times.
Ace rank is 1, Jack rank is 11, Queen is 12 and King is 13, You can pair Queen with Ace etc.


Tri Peaks Solitaire Tri Peaks Solitaire v1.1.0

The goal of the game is to clear all the cards from board by tapping the face up card that is either one above or below in rank than of the top card on waste cards at bottom.

If there is no possible move, tap on the deck to get a new card. You can play cards in ascending or descending order e.g. 3, 4,5,4,3
Aces can be high or low. Like this K, A, 2, 3 is a possible sequence.


Solitaire Solitaire v1.8.2

Solitaire is a card game, the game has single deck of 52 cards and initially the cards are arranged in 7 stack on table from left to right 1 card, 2 cards so on and rest cards are kept on deck.

The game can be played in 5 variation
- Basic Solitaire
- Vegas Solitaire
- Spider Solitaire
- Free cell Solitaire
- Pyramid Solitaire
- Tri Peaks Solitaire


Uncle Finney's Poker Uncle Finney's Poker vSM-2.03

Head-to-head, two player poker Contest. Bet and win Ether!


Slot Machine Slot Machine v2.4.8

Toftwood Slot Machine is a very realistic slot machine simulator. Optimized for both Android phones and tablets. It is just like the real thing. You will experience the full emotions and uplift of the real thing without the fear of losing money. This is a three reel machine. Nudges with Hold, Repeat, and Gamble are included. There is a Hold with Hold after win option. Eight different winning fruits with bells and bars for the top wins. Collect stars to activate five different features with hold.


Egyptian Gems Slot Egyptian Gems Slot v1.2.3

Get Ready for new exciting Multi Betline, Multi Level Egyptian Gem Slot Machine. Spin the reel and enjoy the pleasure of becoming millionaire.

Features -
20 Bet lines to play in each spin, Unlock bet line as you go up in levels
Multi Level
Multiple themes: Egyptian Slot, Party Slot, XMAS Slot, Halloween Slot, Candy Slot and Soccer Slot
Pyramid Bonus game with sun bonus multiplier and Video Poker
Score leaderboard, show your achievement to other players globally.


Teen Patti Teen Patti v1.7.2

Teen Patti or Teen Pathi means three cards, it is a Indian gambling game also known as FLUSH, it is similar to British card game Brag. The game has a playing card deck ( 52 cards ) and minimum 2 players are required to start game and maximum 8 players can play this game version


Solitaire 6 Solitaire 6 v9.0.3

Solitaire 6 by Toftwood Creations is one of the best solitaire card games for Android, and Solitaire 6 is absolutely free to play.

Klondike Solitaire.
Spider Solitaire.
Simple Simon Solitaire.
Pyramid Solitaire.
Vanishing Cross Solitaire.
FreeCell Solitaire.
Little Windmill Solitaire.

Don't miss out, download Solitaire 6 today and give it a try.


Pyramid 13 Pyramid 13 v2.4.4

Climb to the top of the pyramid in this classic card game!


Lucky Seven by Toftwood Lucky Seven by Toftwood v2.2.5

Lucky Seven Slot Machine. This is a slot machine simulator.


Video Poker Video Poker v1.8.1

Toftwood Video Poker has six games all in the one app. It's also been optimized for both Android phones and tablets. No money is required to play it. You win virtual coins. You will experience the full emotions and uplift of the real thing without the fear of losing money. We wrote this game so you can have fun playing video poker without gambling money.


Bingo Slot Machine Bingo Slot Machine v1.8.3

Toftwood Bingo Slot Machine.

Numbers on the reels light the numbers on your bingo card. Get a line vertically of horizontally to activate one of ten different features. Any winning line will start a new game with a different bingo card. No money is required to play this Bingo Slot Machine game as its absolutely FREE. You win virtual coins. If your virtual coins drop to zero, don't worry it still works which makes it impossible to lose.


Poker Slot Machine Poker Slot Machine v1.0.3

Poker Slot Machine: Spin the reels on your very own casino poker slot machine.


Snakes and Ladders Snakes and Ladders v2.6.3

Slot Machines by Toftwood Creations. (Snakes and Ladders Version).


Spooky Slot Machine Spooky Slot Machine v2.1.3

Spooky Halloween Slot Machine by Toftwood Creations Slot Machines.