aFlashlight aFlashlight v1.0.0

Simply, use your Android phone as a flashlight...


aKeyUI aKeyUI v1.0.0

Finally, an on-screen keyboard for Android!!!
Enter text without having to slide out the keyboard...


aBubblePop aBubblePop v1.0.0

Experience popping bubble wrap on android...


SoundBoxSitcom SoundBoxSitcom v1.0

Votre vie ressemble parfois à une série télé, mais sans les bruitages? Avec la Soundbox Sitcom de zaOza, choisissez le son qui va bien pour humilier les nuisibles ou vous faire mousser en société. Soundbox Sitcom est édité par zaOza. C’est magique ou bien ? Visitez


SoundBoxHorror SoundBoxHorror v1.0

Pour avoir sous la main de quoi faire sursauter vos amis, ou vos ennemis, zaOza a mis au point la SoundBox Horror. Cris, Bruits de démembrement, Râles, portes qui grincent... tout est réuni pour terrifier ceux qui s'y attendent le moins ! C'est magique ou bien ? Visitez maintenant!


Throw a Panda (Ad) Throw a Panda (Ad) v4.2

Throw a cute panda as far as possible!


4 In A Line 4 In A Line v1.0

It is the classical connect four or four in a line game. This version is two player game but the version that you can play in single player mode will come soon.


Fourinarow Fourinarow v1.0

The classic 4 in a row game.
You can play against your android device on 3 levels of difficulty.


Crayon Ball Crayon Ball v1.1

a sample funny game,use your finger to control the movement of balls.


DiamondChess DiamondChess v1.1

Gameplay, such as checkers,named Solitaire too.
Skip when playing chess pawn piece adjacent to the empty,
and to skip the pieces eaten.


MorseCoder MorseCoder v1.1.5

This is a fun morse encoder/decoder application. you can convert any text to morse code, hear the morse code, FEEL the morse code and send it to your friends. You can also explore you sms inbox and convert any sms morse code into normal text. It is also possible to use this free application as a morse code trainer.


MPC - Remote MPC - Remote v2.20.2

Control your Media Player Classic on a remote computer via your Android Device.

PRO Version available on google market


wuziqi wuziqi v1.7.0

Five In A Row(FIR) is a type of pure strategy games like chess, is originated in ancient Chinese traditional black white kind of one.


Spirit Level Spirit Level v1.3

Spirit Level is a crafting application designed to help measuring angles between planes or edges and absolute vertical or horizontal.

- Bull's eye mode (flat spirit level)
- Carpenter mode (usual spirit level)
- Carpenter mode with camera, to measure the angle of the object being filmed
- EN and FR versions

The version 1.1 fixes a bug reported on X10 Xperia in v1.0


WIP Appstore Wiki WIP Appstore Wiki v1.1

WipJam's latest app


Whack An Elf Whack An Elf v1.0

Santa disappoint you last year?

A few gifts left off of your list, when you were nothing but nice?

Take your agression out on Santa's elves. After all, they're the ones responsible for all the presents. Enjoy endless action in this first release from Modern Art Studios.

Updates pending, including achievements, high score leaderboards, and more gameplay options.


Resume Guide Resume Guide v1.0

Have you ever wonder how to write a good resume when you are finding a job? Now you have a good choice. Resume Tips provides you how to raise interest of your future employers in your job seeking process. You will no longer make stupid mistakes to create a false image again. You may have years of working experience, but can you remember what elements are essesntial in it?


Call Blocker X Call Blocker X vvX 1.5

Block n Filter Unwanted Call
(Call & SMS Blocker,Filter)

* Three Call Block method
1.Call + SMS Block
a.Call Hangup
b.Call Block
2.Call Silent
3.Send to VOI

* Quick Silent by Mobile face down on Table
* Block by Group
* Block UnKnown
* auto Bug Report submit
* Call Log
* Set Ringtone by group
* 7 days free trial.(Buy Call Blocker X (Pro2.0) for 4.99$ only)

Please Update , DataBase bug has been fixed.


Maya Mojo Maya Mojo v1.15

Engaging puzzle under a rhythm shaman's a tambourine


iMole iMole v1.6

iMole is a simple app where you "poke the mole" at it pops its head out of its hole. Its an electronic version of the old arcade.

Good for stress relief!
This is an action game knocking moles down.