My Plan My Plan v1.0

Todo list with sorting, topics and notifications will not give forget important!


Doc calculate Doc calculate v1.4

Multiple calculators related to medical field. Includes BMI, eGFR, Creatine clearance, Temperature conversion, etc.


Civil Engineering Calculator Civil Engineering Calculator v1.188

Everyday calculation tools for Civil Engineers and students. This app provides calculators for interesting topics of civil engineering.


Contacts in a list widget Ad-free Contacts in a list widget Ad-free v3.1-paid

Widget to show your contacts (phone contacts, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber) as a list (ad free).


SELFLock SELFLock v1.03

Your lockscreen usage


Note Calendar Note Calendar v1.0.1

A calendar for keeping track of memos and notes


GestureShortcuts GestureShortcuts v1.0

Control your phone by drawing gestures.


Password saver Password saver v6.3.0

Password Saver , Safeguard all your passwords safely.


Shift Calendar Shift Calendar v1.5.1

Shift Calendar is a personal duty roster / shift planner designed to help shift workers stay on track of their busy work schedule.


TeraNotes TeraNotes v1.2.2.5

App for taking notes in a collaborative way using a private network system where your notes are saved and shared.


Barcode Barcode v2.0

The CIRCE Barcode Scanner DEMO (BCS) is a robust and quick bar code scanning app for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets which automatically updates a Salesforce database.


Password Secure Password Secure v1.3

PASSWORD SECURE secures all your passwords, debit/credit card details and your confidential images.


Building a Team Building a Team v1.1

Team development theory and 24 team building exercises for more efficient teams.


Flow Calculator Flow Calculator v1.3

Instead of a command-line type of interface in the classic calculators, Flow Calculator gives you a more intuitive way to express your formula, in the form of flowcharts. Here you can freely drag the numbers and operations around, and interactively edit the formula. This form could help you to understand the formula better, and make changes a lot easier. Try this innovative calculator and let the numbers flow with your mind!


Curation Genesys Curation Genesys v1.4

Content Curation now on mobile. Directly publishing to your Wordpress blog!
Also include convenient copy to clipboard button for the selected content


Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator v2.1.1

Graph equations in different colors.


Function Plot (Trial) Function Plot (Trial) v2.0

Function Plot is a powerful and easy to use Android application, able to draw the graph of any function F, within a defined (x1, x2) space. The user of the application is able to get any “x, F(x)” pair values, by just touching the function graph on the device screen. Using this last facility, he/she is also able to approach the roots of the equation “F(x)=0”.


Network Master Network Master v1.8.19

Network Master is a small, fast, free and ultimate tool for network analysis, speed test and boost internet access. With Network Master you can check WiFi security, test network speed, detect intruders on LAN, optimize internet bandwidth, monitor data usage and share portable hotspot.


Eloquent Eloquent v2.10

Fight the public speaking anxiety with free speaking and presentation training.


Task Mongo Task Mongo v1.0

The days of manually setting your phone to vibrate or silent are over!