555 Calculator 555 Calculator v1.8

Component calculator for the NE555 square wave generator


555 Calculator License 555 Calculator License v1.0

Donation license for the NE555 Calculator app.


Ads Calculator Ads Calculator v1.0.3

Ads CPM and CPC Calculator is the FIRST advertising calculator that lets you compute eCPC, eCPM, conversion rate, CTR, cost per conversion and campaign cost. You will never need to do tedious hand calculations again.


Advanced Calculator Advanced Calculator vbasicUtil

An ambitious calculator that tries to be a casio replacement


AER Calculator AER Calculator v1.0

Calculates the rate of compound interest for given details of mortgages and amortised loans


All-n-One Calculator All-n-One Calculator v1.6

* 1.5 Update *

All -n- Calculator is not just another calculator app but is a collection of useful calculators. It consists of a tip calculator, mortgage calculator, auto loan calculator, sales calculator, basic calculator and a conversion calculator that converts the more common units of measure.


Bet and SureBet Calculator Bet and SureBet Calculator v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app..


Bet and SureBet Calculator Full Bet and SureBet Calculator Full v1.31

The ultimate betting tool... Now you have almost everything in one app...


Bitcoin Calculator Bitcoin Calculator v1.0

Bitcoin / Altcoins converter and calculator.


BuildApp BuildApp v1.2.9

The 1st full 3D house modeling tool for Android !!
"one of the top 50 phone apps"- the guardian (18.4)

* NO ADS * just enjoy and share 3D models

BuildApp is a very easy and intuitive 3D house modeling tool for designing, visualizing and managing your house in 3D.
Make your home remodeling project better visualized for your workers, your clients and you.
Get automatic calculations of the house surfaces, areas, doors etc. !!


Calc-IT Calc-IT v1.12

Calculator with many different layouts to choose from.


Calcscript Calcscript v1.7.1

Calcscript is an advanced calculator that uses simple programming language based on Golfscript.


Calculator Calculator v2.1

This application is a Multi-purpose calculator application. Contain options for calculating area, Volume, interest, EMI, etc.. Also this application includes a scientific calculator.


Calculator Calculator v1.3

Perform simple calculations through handwriting recognition or using the keypad


CalInverse CalInverse v1.0

CalInverse is calculator with modular arithmetic and theory of numbers.
Functions include:
*Greatest common divisor (GCD) (Euclidean algorithm);
*Least common multiple (LCM);
*Bezout's lemma;
*Modular multiplicative inverse;
*Chinese theorem for a system of 2, 3, 4 equations.
The program does not require access to the internet.


Capacitor Calculator Capacitor Calculator v1.0

Capacitor Calculator is a handy tool must for all to keep in their pocket.


CardiAxis CardiAxis v1.0

CardiAxis, the application will calculate the direction of the electrical axis of the heart without drawing vectors.


Civil Engineering Calculator Civil Engineering Calculator v1.20383

Everyday calculation tools for Civil Engineers and students. This app provides calculators for interesting topics of civil engineering.


CoinTicker Mobile Free CoinTicker Mobile Free v1.2

CoinTicker Mobile silver coin calculator calculates the total value of silver coins in your collection based on the current spot silver price.


Color Converter Color Converter v2.0

Convert color codes from ARGB to Hex and reverse way.