PeriodCal PeriodCal v0.9.1

Keeps track of your period and ovulation cycles


PsoHappy PsoHappy v3.3.6

PsoHappy, the first app that measures the happiness levels of people living with psoriasis. PsoHappy aims to make well-being part of the public debate and highlight the impact skin diseases like psoriasis have on people’s happiness. Answer a short questionnaire every week and contribute anonymously your experiences and opinions.


MediGuide MediGuide v1.0

It's a medical Guidance system app to help people and give them necessary information about many types of diseases.


CheckYourHearing CheckYourHearing v0.0.3

Understand Your Hearing by this test!


Health Now Health Now v3.5

The latest news from the National Institutes of Health.


Hockey Team Hockey Team v1.4

For the coach or captain of a recreational hockey team.

Given the number of players who showed up in the dressing room... how many forwards and how any defense is that?!
Also suggests how you might divide up your forwards.

Language is gender-neutral so you can use it for girls/womens teams too.

Please note: this app is *not* a game.


Talking Pictures: Autism Cerebral Palsy Talking Pictures: Autism Cerebral Palsy v1.14

This program for better understanding of child's needs


BullyProofAssistantProf BullyProofAssistantProf v1.0

This anti-bully app is designed to be an aid against bullied assaults. Ability to Document any bullying activity where you can send email or text messages and even take videos of any assault.


Weight Loss Companion Weight Loss Companion v1.4

Get rid of those ugly love handles with this simple and useful application.


Stop smoking Stop smoking v1.3

Your motivator in cessation period


My Diet My Diet v1.2.1

Προγραμματίστε τη δίαιτα σας μειώστε το βάρος σας.


BrainCoach BrainCoach v1.0.12

Set of addictive mind games for brain training.


Finger Dance For Cervical Spine Finger Dance For Cervical Spine v1.0

Very simple, and it could bring comforable to your cervical spine, and improve your illnes of cervical spine.


Avvertimi Avvertimi v0.9.1

Avvertimi è l'app più semplice e divertente per gestire i tuoi farmaci


Card of Workout Card of Workout v1.0.0

Card of Workout enable you to easily navigate every single preselected workout routine. It will assist you and help you to focus train to gain your every different goal based on affected body parts in every card.


WiFi Baby Monitor WiFi Baby Monitor v2.01.4

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a modern baby monitor! (full version)


WiFi Baby Monitor: Free & Lite WiFi Baby Monitor: Free & Lite v2.01.4

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a modern baby monitor (Free & Lite version)!


Pedometer Pedometer v1.0.3

Try to stay good shape by Pedometer. Walking is one of the best exercise.


Провизор Провизор v0.0.4

Покупаете лекарства в аптеке? Ваш Провизор обнаружит подделку и покажет цены


Speak Quietly Speak Quietly v5.0

The app is designed to teach children to communicate nonspeaking.