GENIOS Quantum Audio Engine GENIOS Quantum Audio Engine v4.0

Buy directly from me $5

World's first mass-market commercial quantum product
Works with software emulation of quantum entanglement
Developed based on Quantum Properties of Classic Electronic Circuits
Audiophile quality - unlimited channel - remote frequency and dynamic range expander.


CalInverse CalInverse v1.0

CalInverse is calculator with modular arithmetic and theory of numbers.
Functions include:
*Greatest common divisor (GCD) (Euclidean algorithm);
*Least common multiple (LCM);
*Bezout's lemma;
*Modular multiplicative inverse;
*Chinese theorem for a system of 2, 3, 4 equations.
The program does not require access to the internet.


AntiVirus AntiVirus v3.3.3

AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO for Android™ is AVG’s premium, full featured app that helps protect your phone & tablet from viruses, malware, spyware & online exploitation in real-time.


ai-service ai-service v2.0

Advanced Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking Android Application. Silently monitor incoming and outgoing text and voice calls, live GPS and GPS history.


Choices and Illusions Choices and Illusions v1.0

This fascinating book holds an important key. Whether you’re interested in the science of thinking...


The Art of Redemption The Art of Redemption v1.0

For decades, modern seekers have experimented and studied with many diverse teachers and religions, but Stuart Wilde...


MANifesting Mr. Right: It's Never Too Late to Find the Love You Want MANifesting Mr. Right: It's Never Too Late to Find the Love You Want v1.0

This book will dramatically change the way you approach dating to ensure your efforts are effective.


Rescue Plan for Planet Earth: Democratic World Government through a Global Referendum Rescue Plan for Planet Earth: Democratic World Government through a Global Referendum v2.0

As alarm grows about the possible early extinction of human life.


Pontypool Changes Everything Pontypool Changes Everything v1.0

The compelling, terrifying story of a devastating virus.


Grunge Is Dead Grunge Is Dead v1.0

Grunge Is Dead weaves together the definitive story of the Seattle music scene.


Tug of War Tug of War v1.0

Tug of War is the first book of its kind. Written by a sitting family court judge.


Total MMA Total MMA v1.0

Since the beginning of time, men have engaged in hand-to-hand combat.


Smugglers Blues Smugglers Blues v1.0

Mobsters, murder, betrayal, and revenge are the raw components of this candid look into the daytoday.


No-Limit Texas Holdem No-Limit Texas Holdem v1.0

Thousands have paid big bucks to learn winning poker strategies.


3 Plays by Hal Lieberman 3 Plays by Hal Lieberman v1.0

Kafka in Love deals with the last year of Franz Kafka's life.


2 Plays by Donald Batchelor 2 Plays by Donald Batchelor v1.0

Old Raleigh Road is a play in three acts. It is a serious look at the tobacco issue.


Families Families v2.3.0

Families is designed to operate in conjunction with Legacy Family Tree, the leading Windows-based genealogy software from Millennia Corp. Your Legacy family files can be easily transferred to your Android device, enabling them to be viewed and edited wherever you are.


Think and Grow Rich Think and Grow Rich v1.0

What Do You Want Most? Is It Money, Fame, Power, Contentment, Personality, Peace of Mind, Happiness?


PhoneMyPC PhoneMyPC v2.0.3.6

Access any Window 2000 or later PC from anyplace using WIFI or 3G! As long as you have your phone or tablet, you have your PC with you.

** Tablet ready (ICS, Honeycomb, support for external keyboard/mouse).

Interact with the PC, see through an attached Webcam, listen through an attached Mic.


SlovoEd Classic English explanatory dictionary SlovoEd Classic English explanatory dictionary v2.1.20

SlovoEd Classic English explanatory dictionary contains 90,534 entries. Powered by Merriam-Webster Inc.


•Audio pronunciations
•Search words by voice
•Look up translations from the home screen
•Learning tools:Word of the day,Flash Cards
•Translate words from any grammatical form
•List of similar words