My Favorites My Favorites v1.0.0

This application helps you to save your favorite files, websites and contacts and categorize them so it'll be easy and fast for you to access them.
So, if you tired of navigating too many folders to reach your favorite files, tired of launching internet browser and searching for favorite sites or tired of searching your favorite contacts, This application is for you.


Beautiful Clock Widgets Beautiful Clock Widgets v1.0.0

Bored with Standard Clock Widget?
Beautiful Clock Widgets provides you a first quality collection of beautifully designed clock widgets to customize your Android Phone.


Iphone 5 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme Iphone 5 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme v1

This is a Iphone like theme for GO Launcher EX with many icons


Appsaver Appsaver v1.0

This is a simple and lightening fast appsaver +uninstaller+move to sd card.


Love_Letter Love_Letter v1.0

Love Letter Theme For Go Launcher Ex by @maxiducoli

The desktop theme preferred by
, for Go Launcher Ex
Delicate and romantic thought for women who own an Android device.


Achkars Achkars v4.7.2.5

This is the first application made by Alexandre El Achkar for his website


To Do To Do v1.0

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity..


Windows 8 Theme Windows 8 Theme v1.0

Windows Metro theme for Go launcher
Gives you a windows 8 interface
in Android in a form of a clean sleek theme.


UnTouched Me UnTouched Me v1.4

UnTouchedMe is a complete anti-theft app for protect your phone and make the theft surprised when someone has touched your phone!

App feature :
• Your phone will sound an alarm when someone pickup it.
• The display will light and show the message that you set.
• Your phone will alarm until you put the correct code.
• All buttons are locked and cannot do anything.
• The phone will alarm immediately after turn on again when it was turn off while still alarm .


All in 1 Converter All in 1 Converter v1.4

this is simple all in 1 converts between different units of length,mass,speed,temperature,tip,torque,current,volume.more unit will be added soon.


Animoto video maker Animoto video maker v0.63.13371.10826

create videos easy and quickly with the new my animoto video maker app
only takes minutes to create state of the arts video's online.


Money Exchange Money Exchange v1.0

•Money Exchange provides up-to-date exchange rate information for 200 currencies and countries! Great for when traveling abroad and for forex traders!
•This app will give you conversion rates from one currency to another. If you go on tour from your country to another country, then you can get the new money rate in your hand.
•Don't get stuck on a business trip, vacation, or holiday without this great currency converter. Please try to use it and suggest if any other features are required.


News Extra News Extra v4.7.2.5

News Extra is an app that provides users to read all news about world.
You can read news about many countries and we are still improving it.

Buy now! It's only US$ 0.99


Analog Clock Analog Clock v1.0

Simple analog clock


ICS Red Keyboard ICS Red Keyboard v1.0

ICS Red Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!


ICS Pink Keyboard ICS Pink Keyboard v1.0

ICS Pink Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!


ICS Holo Keyboard ICS Holo Keyboard v1.0

ICS Holo Style Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!


ICS Grey Keyboard ICS Grey Keyboard v1.0

ICS Grey & Orange Style Keyboard with ICS Icons!!!


Berry Red Keyboard Berry Red Keyboard v1.0

Red Berry Style Keyboard can almost feel the feedback!!!


Berry Pink Keyboard Berry Pink Keyboard v1.0

Pink Berry Style Keyboard can almost feel the feedback!!!