PrivacyCare AntiSpy PrivacyCare AntiSpy v1.0

Are you worried about someone spying on your phone? PrivacyCare AntiSpy is committed to keep you away from spy app.
World's first app can alert you that the spy app is installed when the phone is not in your sight.
2. Identify apps spying on your location, SMS messages, contacts, call history, phone call, sound around phone, camera, instant messages, email account, browser, photos, calendar.


SkEye Pro SkEye Pro v6.6.1

SkEye is an advanced planetarium that can also be used as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes.


Forget You Had a Daughter: Doing Time in the Bangkok Hilton Forget You Had a Daughter: Doing Time in the Bangkok Hilton v1.0

Sandra Gregory was caught smuggling heroin through Bangkok airport in 1993.


Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere v1.0

The joke? Toronto thinks its the centre of some multicultural universe.


The Red River Ring The Red River Ring v1.0

An Old West adventure set in the rugged Palo Duro Canyon of Texas.


Quite Contrary Quite Contrary v1.0

The unusual thing about the collection Quite Contrary is the range of subgenre.


Mayhem, Mystery and Murder Mayhem, Mystery and Murder v1.0

Back when I was a kid growing up in South Chicago, I never dreamed that having a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother would turn out to be an asset.


Creative Mind And Success Creative Mind And Success v1.0

Man is just what he thinks himself to be; he is big in capacity if he thinks big thoughts; he is small if he thinks small thoughts.


MemoryUp Professional MemoryUp Professional v3.5.0

MemoryUp Pro is a powerful mobile RAM boosting tool and Java virtual machine (JVM) management application specially designed for Android smartphone users. It is a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your smartphone running fast and efficiently. It enhances your smartphone's performance by making more memory available for both your applications and the mobile system.


tetherWifi tetherWifi v1.3.3

This app only works with phones that have root/super user access. This app tethers your cell phone internet connection to your PC. The connection between your phone and PC is an ad hoc wifi connection. Please visit before installing!
-Multiple Connections
-Running Status
-MAC Filtering
-DHCP Configuration Settings
-Change SSID

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