Solitaire Solitaire v3.5.1

It provides players with different options such as drawing 1 or 3 cards, standard scoring or Vegas scoring, etc.


IPL 2012 IPL 2012 v14.0

This application provides information about DLF IPL 2012 and IPL teams with latest news,points table and lots more.


T20 World Cup 2012 T20 World Cup 2012 v5.0

This application provides information about ICC T20 World cup this year.It provides social media interaction regarding cricket along with schedule,countries,venues,squads,history,tickets,etc


ChineseChess ChineseChess v5.2.5

It provides players with an undo function.
Players will get to see a photo of a pretty girl if they can beat the computer.


Flying Jet Flying Jet v1.0

Flying Jet is a simple 2d game that provide strong physics and nice effects to user it comes with lots of awards and multiple levels.


AW Casino AW Casino v1.36.000

Try your luck with Astraware Casino - a collection of the most popular casino games all in one pack. Enjoy all the fun of a real casino on your smartphone without losing your shirt!


Casino Rio Club paid Casino Rio Club paid v1.0.4

Realistic simulator of classic European pubs fruit slot machine


Casino Rio Club free Casino Rio Club free v1.0.6

The realistic simulator of classic European pubs fruit slot machine


Solitaire Solitaire v2.1

Just as you remember it, Solitaire Classic now in the palm of your hand.


Random Number Generator Random Number Generator v1.3

Random Number Generator is a simple app to generate random numbers within a given start and end limits.The app provides an easy to use interface.


Balance the Ball Balance the Ball v1.3

Tilt your phone to control the ball and set a new world record! Challenge your friends to beat your score!

Global scores provided by Scoreloop.


Brain Training: Evolution Brain Training: Evolution v1.0.0

This application provide you 5 levels for brain training


Think Different Think Different v1.4

Think Different is type of a Puzzle games and consider very challenging game


SuperLotto SuperLotto v1.0

For less then the price of a lotto game you can win much more from numbers determined by statistical algorithms in this unique approach to winning 6 from 49 lottery games. Requires Ministro to be installed. This full version has more functions, runs over 10x faster, uses less power and has better collision control.


Duck Hunting Shooter Free Duck Hunting Shooter Free v1.0.3.9

Duck Shooting Hunter is an addictive game provides shooting for hunting lovers.
Duck Shooting is an addictive game of android market that provides shooting fun for hunting lovers. Duck Shooting is expected to be the award winning game of 2011.


SuperLotto-light SuperLotto-light v1.0

Win money from numbers determined by statistical algorithms in this unique approach to selecting numbers for 6 from 49 lottery games. Requires Ministro to be installed.


RaceTrak RaceTrak v1.1

The BEST and ONLY analysis tool for MD Lottery Racetrax®!


LightOut LightOut v1.0

Lights Out is an electronic game,.
The game consists of a 5 by 5 grid of lights, when the game starts, a set of these lights are switched on (White tile).Pressing one of the lights will toggle it and the four lights adjacent to it on and off.The game provides a puzzle, to switch all the lights off (Black tile),


Wit And Wager Wit And Wager v1.0

Wit and Wager is mixture of trivia game and poker. You provide and answer to specific question and still you can bet on somebody else answer and earn credits. The Game is based on Wits And Wagers Board Game.


Shoot Them Up Shoot Them Up v1.0

Totally timepass game!
A simple timepass game.
Just shoot on the flying object to kill it. Let's see your reflexes! You have to click on the object to kill it.
Some awesome skins provided.
Tune in for more cool updates!