a Wallet (AdFree) a Wallet (AdFree) v3.3

"a Wallet" application is your personal Virtual Wallet at your fingertips. It allows you to save and manage your most important data like Card Numbers, Bank Accounts' details, your Web Memberships, Private Notes, Vehicles & Computers' access info, Personal Info, etc.

All of your data is stored in fully Encrypted form and is also protected by a Password of your choice, which you can change anytime.


IPL 2012 IPL 2012 v1.0

This app aims at providing the match timings for ongoing IPL( T20 Cricket) along with multiple features that include alarm management as per schedules, team information,latest ipl team standings and latest news from IPL.


Account Account v1.0

Accounting Calculator, definitions & calculations for accountants' equations.


Casino Rio Club paid Casino Rio Club paid v1.0.4

Realistic simulator of classic European pubs fruit slot machine


Quick Profiles Pro Quick Profiles Pro v1.2.0

Add-on for Quick Profiles which provides 117 icons for the profiles and a homescreen widget.


SuperLotto SuperLotto v1.0

For less then the price of a lotto game you can win much more from numbers determined by statistical algorithms in this unique approach to winning 6 from 49 lottery games. Requires Ministro to be installed. This full version has more functions, runs over 10x faster, uses less power and has better collision control.


GPS Widget Pro GPS Widget Pro v1.2.2

This widget simply shows your current location in numbers. Latitude and Longitude are received from the GPS location provider or from the network location provider if GPS is not available.

The altitude is queried from open MapQuest API which yields in a more accurate result than receiving the altitude by GPS. So this widget is also interesting for hiking (altimeter).


RaceTrak RaceTrak v1.1

The BEST and ONLY analysis tool for MD Lottery Racetrax®!


Christmas Carol Songbook Christmas Carol Songbook v1.6

The Christmas Carol Songbook contains over 50 popular, traditional, fun and classic Christmas carols and songs! Click the video link to watch the song via YouTube for a sing along or go acapella and use the provided words - ENJOY!


eGPS Console Pro eGPS Console Pro v1.0

Does not require rooted device!

eGPS Console provides a command-line interface for interacting with your device's operating system or software by typing commands to perform specific tasks. Pro version runs without any ads and adds an option to copy console output into clipboard for later use.


Funny Fruit Funny Fruit v1.0

Help funny Fruit EAT!! Catch and Explode your way through amazing levels and add up all your points as you go. Very fun games will provide hours of fun!!


Basics of physics Basics of physics v1.1

The app provides a quick summary of essential formulas in physics.


MissPush MissPush v1.1

MissPush is a simple application that forwards your missed calls and SMSs to your a 2nd android device like another phone or tablet. The app provides you with full information about who called you and when, including the contents of their SMS--right on your Android.


Numbers Numbers v1.0.0

This is a common slider puzzle. You need to arrange the numbers in order.


The Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments v1.0

This is a very simple English language application providing both the King James Version of the Ten Commandments as well as references to other scriptures related to the commandments.


Polarity Polarity v1.0

Polarity is a unique puzzle game where the goal is to arrange magnetic blocks in such a way that the robot can reach the exit. This game contains a total of 75 different puzzles to solve.


Plants Animated Plants Animated v4.0.0

Plants waving on your screen Live Wallpaper.


VegaFruits VegaFruits v1.0

Having problem to choose the right tomato ?
Did you brought home a rotten avocado again ??
This app is the new grocery shop personal assistant.
It will help you choose the freshest and best fruits and vegetables in the grocery shop.


Stink Bugs Stink Bugs v1.2

Protect your home and backyard from the menace of Stink bugs!


Contacts Live Wallpaper Contacts Live Wallpaper vContacts Live Wallpaper 1.1

See your contacts pictures falling on the screen.