Applications v2.25p help you killing time. Listening to local China TV show and video , you would enjoy this moment no matter you are in China or abroad. The best app help you learn Chinese.

Tired of listening to music , want some new? Can not stand the slow video and ads ? is your best choice. Download before you leave the wifi and listening fluently wherever you go. Search the keyword and find the program you like. Plus it would recommand some TV show according to needs.


mP-Player2.0Lite mP-Player2.0Lite v1.24

This is a Test-Version of an VideoPlayer, that you can use to search on different *beep* video-portal data. In time it supports

This demo (limitation: no playback) is to get an idea what you can expect in fullversion

for fullversion search for "com.mpplayer"

update:agecheck,thumbnail preview

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VDZ is a video downloader. Through the built in web browser you can download the videos.


Tubebook Downloader Tubebook Downloader v1.8.0

Tubebook downloader let you quickly download music, movies, videos or other files from internet conveniently on your mobile. It's a downloader on android.


Time-Lapse - Lite Time-Lapse - Lite v1.2.2

Create your own artistic time-lapse videos easily with upload to YouTube. Click!


Manimal Zoo Manimal Zoo v1.0

This is a ZOO application of more then 10 video clips of animals
and animals voice
this application is for kids and anyone who want to fill in the zoo

(this is the farm version)


vPoker vPoker v2.1

Video Poker: Fast, Addictive and Fun.


Media Fire Media Fire v2.0

Media Fire brings you 4 complete applications in one program. Listen to and share your MP3's. Watch and share your Videos. View, take pictures and share your photo's.


Fishville PRO Fishville PRO v2.0

An fish index app with sounds,quizes and videos


DestroyAConsole DestroyAConsole v1.0.1

Have fun breaking this video game console. Hit the console and watch how it comes off in pieces.


Spy Camera Spy Camera v1.8

Spy Camera with a Spy Frame with adjustable transparency for recording videos without being noticed.


BasketBall Reloaded BasketBall Reloaded v1.2

Basket Ball Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Basket Ball clips and videos. Your search for Basketball clips on YouTube is simplified with Basket Ball Reloaded Application on your Android. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your Android, so that you can enjoy your favourite sporting action in one touch.


MediaNearby MediaNearby v1.0.36

Best and safest tool to share photos and videos nearby, or see them on the other android devices including your android TV!


Bard Bard v1.2.6

Re-assemble any Youtube Video


FVD FVD v4.0

Free Video Downloader is an utility that allows you to download almost lots of videos from a lot of famouse websites. In this way you can save a lot of connection traffic!


DePict DePict v1.9.5.31

Take a selfie every day and create movie of you!


Game PromoBox Game PromoBox v1.5.3

Game PromoBox gets you all Video Game Deals from all major online stores and giveaways of your favorite game.


MiniBrowserMobileBETA MiniBrowserMobileBETA v1.1

MiniBrowser Mobile BETA is a fast and easy to use web browser for Android 3.x and 4.x. It has all important browser features combined with simple minimalistic design.

- Tabs
- Auto-complete address bar
- Bookmarks
- Download images and files
- Find on page
- Pinch to zoom, double-tap to zoom
- Flash video support


GetJam GetJam v2.49

Earn up to £10 a month for Top Up, Cash or iTunes. Watch top brand videos to Earn, then Spend!
Ice Cream Sandwich fix now complete. Check out more info on our Facebook page:


Deftones Fan Insights Deftones Fan Insights v1.4

Want all the latest Deftones videos, concert locations and find out what they ARE up to everyday? You have come to the right place.