Deco Deco v1.0

Indian Cooking Videos


Daring Reloaded Daring Reloaded v1.1

Daring Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Daring clips and videos from movies , TV shows, live shows etc. Your search for Daring clips on YouTube is simplified with Daring Reloaded Application on your Android phone. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your phone, so that you can enjoy your favourite Daring actions in a touch.


Cricket Reloaded Cricket Reloaded v1.1

Missed your favorite cricketing action live? Now watch the clips on your Android phone with the latest Cricketing app on AppStore.
Cricket Reloaded is an android app containing collections of all sorts of cricket clips and videos. Your search for cricket clips on YouTube is simplified with Cricket Reloaded Application on you phone.


KL Traffic Cam KL Traffic Cam v1.0.4

KL Traffic Cam provides easy access to excellent video feeds provided by ITIS ( The application also provides an embedded web view for quick access to ITIS' WAP site and a favourites list.


Joognu Joognu v2.0.7

Joognu is the most beautiful way to store and gift memories to your child...


iYouFun iYouFun v1.0

Popular YouTube videos viewer optimized for Android Tablets.


Fastest Horoscope Fastest Horoscope v1.3

Fastest Horoscope is the fastest horoscope app. Just professional astrology readings and horoscope, without any images or videos which are wasting your time!


Tie Master Tie Master v1.1

Top-down POV video tutorials & step-by step illustrations that teaches you how to tie a tie in the fastest way!

Includes 13 videos and step-by-step mirror illustrations for 13 necktie knots:

- Four in hand
- Windsor
- Shelby/Pratt
- Half Windsor
- Kelvin
- Nicky
- St. Andrew
- Balthus
- Hanover
- Cavendish
- Plattsburgh
- Grantchester
- Bow Tie


JenausCam JenausCam v1.1.0

JenausCam is the service in which you can see the webcam on the Android devices (smart phones, smart pads).

Just install a simple program for webcam to your PC and install App, then you can enjoy watching webcam without the limitation of network such as 3G, WIFI.

When you want see the pets playing at home from outside, when you go out leaving kids alone at home, when you want to check the state of house from your long term trip, confirm those using your JenausCam.


2app 2app v1.1

2app is exclusive private messaging for a couple or 2 close friends:

- Connects 2 people exclusively
- Sends text, pics, audio & video fast and easily
- Saves NO personal data
- Available for Android and iPhone


Shelves Shelves v2.0

Shelves manages your apparel, books, gadgets, movies, music, software, tools, toys, & video games.

Add by scanning barcodes; Web searches; import/export--FULL Delicious Library support.

Find items locally & online with tags/searches. Be a TRUE packrat--items can be any language!


Mister Spaghetti Mister Spaghetti v1.0.1 (Improved performance, fix market problem)

The spaghetti measure is really clever: grab a bundle of dry pasta,put it on the display and it will measure out 1-4 servings using its aperture-like ring. No more wasted pasta or still-hungry regrets!
Mr Spaghetti offers also a wonderful kitchen timer and several video recipes!

free until 02/2011


iMotors iMotors v1.1.1

Research New Cars, View Photos and Reviews, and Get Quotes and Rebates—FREE!


CameraMX CameraMX v2.0.3

Make your photos look exactly how you want with Camera MX - for free. Get creative with your camera - combine effects and borders using the live preview feature. Optimize your best photos and share them with friends on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Add an extra something to your photos by presenting them in animated slideshows with your favorite music - free in the Online Album.


International Recipes International Recipes v1.1

★★★ Watch and cook delicious Food Dishes of the World ★★★

✓ Auto Video updates
✓ Enjoy watching dishes made by famous chefs around the world
✓ Easy naviagtion
✓ Full Screen option

★ Food Catagories by Coutries:
✓ Chinese Food
✓ Egyptian Food
✓ Indian Food
✓ Italian Food
✓ Lebanese Food
✓ Mexican Food
✓ Pakistani Food
✓ Turkish Food


BabyCam Monitor DEMO BabyCam Monitor DEMO v1.10.2

Welcome to the future of baby monitoring!

This application will turn your Android phone or tablet into a fully functioning, high quality baby monitor. It uses your home WiFi network to stream video and audio of your baby from the camera on your Android device directly to a web browser on your computer or laptop. So you can be sat downstairs watching a film while your baby sleeps upstairs, allowing you to just flick your laptop open to see and hear exactly what your baby is doing.


LunaDiary LunaDiary v1.0.5

A diary written on the moon.
A diary to grow as you write a note!


Nexcamp Nexcamp v0.19.13153.15801

The Nexcamp Android Application allows you to connect to your profile easily with your Android powered device.


Christian Quotes Christian Quotes v1.0

Christian Quotes application is the most great collection of Holy quotes for Jesus followers and real christians.


World Countries Radio World Countries Radio v1.0

Listen to your favorite Own Country music radio station everywhere!

Listen to your own Country Music Radio stations from all over the world with a single click.

Wherever you go, take the best music radio stations with you.

If you would like to add your favorite Station,please write to us.