Alltel PrePaid Plans by iMobileMinutes Alltel PrePaid Plans by iMobileMinutes v1.0.43 allows you to purchase Alltel Wireless Mobile Prepaid Minutes and top-up pins directly from your phone.

Alltel Wireless lets you make your choice - pay by the day, the minute, or the month, and then start making your plan all about you! Choose your plan and change it as you like Alltel Wireless is contract free No credit check or monthly bill Choose almost any phone—we’ve got the latest styles and hottest features.


MailDroid MailDroid v4.80

Welcome to MailDroid! MailDroid was built by frustrated users who, after using Android, had issues with the standard mail client, as well as with third party extensions of the client.

MailDroid is Ad-Supported.

Works for Android versions 4.3 up to 6.x


Mobile Controls Mobile Controls v1.0.1

Have trouble with teens texting at the dinner table or after their bedtime? Mobile Controls for Android lets you lock your kid’s phone so they can’t text or play games during family time with the click of a single button. You can also automatically block texts and calls during school and after bedtime to make sure they pay attention to the important things in life. (30-day Free Trial. $4.99/month per line after that).