MileageLedger MileageLedger v2.

Mileage Ledger is a GPS powered mileage tracking solution for mobile devices running the Android operating system. It keeps your mileage logs so you don't have to, and presents them to you in a convenient, ready-to-print spreadsheet when needed.


Estado del Transito Estado del Transito v1.0

NOTICE: This app is just in Spanish.

EstadoDelTransito es una aplicación útil para moverse por Buenos
Aires, Argentina.

EstadoDelTransito is an useful app to move around Buenos Aires, Argentina.


GPS TTS GPS TTS v1.0.0 / Mohammadk

Simple GPS TTS Utility.


Pays de Racan Pays de Racan v1.4.3

Partez à la découverte du Pays de Racan


Emergency Manager Plus Emergency Manager Plus v2.0

Emergency Manager Plus (FREE) for mobiles and tablets is a complete emergency situation management app which is equipped with emergency service numbers for over 200 countries. You can send SMS requesting help with your current location (GPS and Network)just with a single touch. It also uses the enormous outreach of the social-networking media (Facebook to post emergency alerts on your behalf, so that help can be always at hand from your friends nearby. Added multilingual support.


WeatherAmerica WeatherAmerica v1.3

A Radio which offers more than 160 exclusive weather radio stations across the united cities, feel free to listen the weather radio streaming at anytime, anywhere right on your Android smart phone.


Guía México City Guía México City v1.0

En esta aplicación encontrarás toda la información para cuando viajes a la ciudad de México, encuentres los mejores hoteles, restaurantes, renta de autos, centros de compras, etc. Es una guía con herramientas útiles como un conversor de divisas actualizado al día y todo lo que necesites para tener una buena estadía en la ciudad más grande del mundo, que envuelve a los turistas con su belleza, naturaleza y patrimonio histórico.


Sidewalk Buddy Sidewalk Buddy v2.0.2

Sidewalk Buddy - use any app while walking safely with a popup video window.


Aidriving Aidriving v1.1.3

aiDriving is android app which intended to help all drivers have an Advanced Driver Assistance System, while this system can only be found on premium cars so far.