WIFI Sharing WIFI Sharing v1.0.0

WIFI Sharing will allow you to view and copy the content of your mobile phone in web browser, other mobile phone or different devices using wi-fi connection.


i-Motivate i-Motivate v1.0

Simple mobile application for an accumulative motivation analysis with lots of motivational quotes with a monthly report of the percentage of being happy during this month.


Mobile Money Manager Full Mobile Money Manager Full v1.41 pro

Probably the most intuitive and interesting app in it's category! A must have!

Mobile Money Manager helps you to manage your private budget. The app could be used to quick and easy register of incomes and expenses in their categories. Gathered by Mobile Money Manager info can be presented tou you as several lists, account statements and charts.
You won't ever wonder where has your last payout gone ;)


Pick a Piggy Pick a Piggy v1.0.0

Pong, a little toy piggy, dreams of getting out of the dusty basement and see the world. Help her climb through the maze-like house in this physics-based puzzle game.
You have to avoid spiders’ webs, trap doors, buttons, levers, rats and electric shocks by ricocheting Pong off the walls, floors and ceilings.
Pick a Piggy offers a wealth of touchscreen-controlled entertainment on your Android device. Simple to play yet difficult to master this is a premium pork-propelled puzzle gaming!


Network Monitor Pro Network Monitor Pro v2.1.0

Simple and statistical precision.

To help users understand their own mobile phone network data traffic usage, in order to better control the cost of data traffic.

2G/3G network data traffic monitoring capabilities.
The network data traffic to warn function.
The network data traffic statistics data display.

Paid version:
Monitoring data charts.
No ads.


RoadWriter RoadWriter v2.0.4

Songwriting for Mobile Thinkers Made Simple
RoadWriter is the premier songwriting app for songwriters, recording artists and music industry professionals who need to remain creative on the fly. Its sleek design has been crafted to transform your ordinary notepad into a platform fit for musicians.


Brain Games 2 Brain Games 2 v1.2.2

Are you able to beat the newest high score? Test your brain skills on your mobile! It's simple, fast and relaxing - just hit play to start the game. Just Play: Brain Game 2 provides hours of entertainment and an amazing opportunity to show your brilliant mind in action. Practice makes it perfect!


One Click App2SD One Click App2SD v4.1.4

One Click App2SD allows you to get more free internal storage space.


Solid Snake 3D Full Solid Snake 3D Full v1.0

Now is time of the "snake" for the next generation machines, Solid Snake 3D.


Bomb the Monsters Bomb the Monsters v1.2

Do you like fun game apps? Would you like to bomb monster? Do you like to blow stuff up?
Awesome game, download now! This game is the bomb!


Pinch 2 SE Pinch 2 SE v1.0.0

If you're looking for ingenious puzzles and engrossing gameplay, look no further. The sequel to the critically-acclaimed mobile puzzler has returned with all-new visuals. Once again, the colourful Norbs need your help.


Remote Locker Remote Locker v1.1

Protect your phone from theft using Remote Locker.


Password Database Password Database v1.0

Password Database is a single stop solution to store all of your on line account's user ids and passwords in a single place and lock the entire database with single unique password.


AngryFingersI AngryFingersI v1.0

Angry Fingers
When you see a lot of beautiful candy fall from height, you can not help but want to touch them. Very good, they need your finger protection. Don't stop your fingers more angry, more candy would you save. Slowly you will find that time has been spent this simple and fun of casual games.


ThePuzz Premium ThePuzz Premium v35

Premium version without ads
ThePuzz is not a typical puzzle game, is a fusion between an arcade and a puzzle. It's a perfect combination for entertaining at leisure hours.


3G Traffic Pro 3G Traffic Pro v1.2

3G Traffic Pro is the best choice to count mobile internet traffic and save battery.


BaseBall2011 Pro BaseBall2011 Pro v8.9.3.9

Best Baseball app for just 1.99 USD with several modes to play
Roll up your sleeves to batter up in Baseball 2011!
*Why to pay more when equally good game available for just 1.99 USD price*
For both casual players looking for something fun, as well as hardcore baseball fans wanting the real deal.
Now you can dream about MLB, NFL, or NBA athlete by playing it on different modes.


myCipher myCipher v1.0.2

myCipher Custom Calculator allows you to save custom math equations for quick solving.


Fitga Fitga v2.2

All Parameters to know your fitness and Track your progress, BMI, BMR, Ideal weight, Body Fat , Daily Calorie needs and Total body water. Store profiles and Weight daily.


BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC v1.1

Make your child learn English Alphabet with an easy and addictive game format.