Face of Death Face of Death v4.0.0

Face of Death Live Wallpaper.


Shave My Face Shave My Face v1.7

Shave anytime, anywhere for FREE!


a World of Faces a World of Faces v1.995

Be part of a World Record, fight racism and preach tolerance, a World of Faces does it all for you in one sweet package of fun !!

We are assembling portraits of people around the world to make a picture long enough to wrap around the world.

We just need 40 millions pictures of you, no big deal :D

Be creative, join us !


Cat Faces Cat Faces v1.0.1

A game for cat and arcade lovers.


FaceBash FaceBash v1.01

Solve all arguments using your Facebook friends and phone contacts!


FaceBash Lite FaceBash Lite v1.01

Solve all arguments using your Facebook friends and phone contacts!


Change Your Angry Face Change Your Angry Face v1.2

Try to become all people happy touching them.


Age of Conquest: N. America Age of Conquest: N. America v1.0.23

Age of Conquest is a medieval risk-like turn-based strategy game where you take the reins of a budding empire and struggle against fellow empires for control of North America.


Sky Map Sky Map v1.9.7.08

A very simple overview of the north and south sky hemisphere map with the Constellation and approximate graphical position of the planets and of The Sun and of The Moon.


Happy Baby Faces Happy Baby Faces v1.2

It is so easy now with our Android application to turn your toddler's cranky moments into a happy smile! Your toddler will have a blast watching happy laughing babies and hearing funny sounds made by babies.

Our full screen game is a childproof too - your phone will be put in a lock mode not to let curious fingers to make calls or launch other applications.

Upload pictures of mom, dad, beloved grandparents and your baby's to have even more fun.

Shake the phone to hear rattles!


Puzzle Face Puzzle Face v1.0

Can you get the pieces to match up and form the photo. A fun game of picture skills and testing your brain with this photo puzzle. puzzles, quizz, test, tests


Smash Their Face Smash Their Face v1.0

Prepare for the moment that you are waiting for!

Throw bunches of cans, plastic bottles, bricks, stones, or whatever you find right now to your victims. But please, don’t throw your phone because you won’t be able to play this cool game.


People+Faces People+Faces v1.6.8

Social Network and Messenger All-In-One App with City-RADAR to find nice people and locations (restaurants, companies etc.) at any place in the world...20 languages supported.....non-commercal project - but admin-moderated and controlled to avoid any abuse in any way.


SaveMyFace SaveMyFace v2.1

Help Humpty Shave


Hold Screen ON Demo Hold Screen ON Demo v1.42

Prevent screen locking when you just looking at it.


Infinity Infinity v1.7

Infinity a brand new game by north star games, is all about tapping cubes before they hit your screen, all while trying to stay ahead of the game speed as it increases. This game also features old school 8 bit music to make it all the more of a classic must have.

Now available as a free game from North Star Games. Grab it now!


Knock-Down Knock-Down v1.1

Welcome to Knock Down, A 100% Free and much addictive game.
It has multiple levels to play.
Can you knock down?? Yes, you can!
Try it & enjoy this interesting addictive game.

How to Play:
> The game is to knock down the boxes using a slingshot and balls.
> Play, select level and hit the boxes.
> You have to put them down!
> Clear the level to unlock the new levels.


Korea Radio Pro Korea Radio Pro v1.1

Korea Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Canada Radio Pro Canada Radio Pro v1.1

Canada Radio Pro on Android Devices.


3D Compass 3D Compass v5.3

Lost or confused about directions? Fear no more as you have this compass application! Users can configure the compass to match their stylistic demands while being able to determine directions on their own!