Face Game Face Game v1.3

★ Face Game is an addictive brain game where you have to recognize, remember and match Real Faces of Male and Female top celebrities from around the world.
✓ Are you good in remembering people or reading there faces well?
✓ Do you remember people from there eyes or hairstyles or color?
✓ How important the face shape is?
✓ Are you good in remembering faces of girls rather then men?
✓ Do all Chinese look the same?


Face Game Face Game v1.1

★ Face Game is an addictive brain game where you have to recognize, remember and match Real Faces of Male and Female top celebrities from around the world.
★ While playing the game, know more about the faces you like; read about them, watch their videos or become fan on their facebook pages.
★ By winning a trophy, the game also allows the player to submit his/her own face along with links to social websites letting you become popular in world.
★ And much more...


Overqualified Overqualified v1.0

OVERQUALIFIED's cover letters are like a slap in the face, butthe slap is hilarious.


True Cube True Cube v1.0

Save the peace! Intercept little destruction cubes out to provoke war.


Marine Compass Marine Compass v1.0.2

you can get the right direction(east west north south) with this compass!!!!!


North American Trees North American Trees v1.2

North American Tree Identifier, Handbook, and Recognition game in one App!


North End Poems, The North End Poems, The v1.0

With The North End Poems, his always vivid new collection, Michael Knox has further honed his lucid.


Writing Fiction and Poetry: Essays by North Carolina Writers Writing Fiction and Poetry: Essays by North Carolina Writers v1.0

Our meddling intellect misshapes the beauteous forms of things; we murder to dissect.


Face Off Face Off v6.6

Swing phone to change face. This is a face off game from Traditional Chinese Opera.


JustCompass JustCompass v0.3

Simple compass application


Face Blender Face Blender v2.0.4

Use your camera to take two pictures of different faces. Then, press the "Blend" button to blend them! The result is a funny mixture of both faces. You can blend your face with your spouse to see how your children might look like or blend your friends at work :)



American Desserts American Desserts v1.0

American Desserts features 57 North American dessert recipes.


The Emoticon App The Emoticon App v6.0.3

Have you ever wondered how to express your emotions in text? This simple app will show you how to make tons of emoticons! Create everything from an Abraham Lincoln emoticon =|:O} to a Homer Simpson (_8(|) emoticon to a butterfly }|{ emoticon or even a Death Star ( °) emoticon!


Face Swap Face Swap v1.1

Swap faces, the easy way!
Want to swap two faces in a photo? Now you can! It used to take a photoshop master to blend one face into another, but Face Swap makes it so easy and fun to switch faces, everyone can do it!


Fish Fish v1.4

The North American Fish Guide is Android's largest Fish Reference information handbook on the common game species in North America.


Rage Face Tap Rage Face Tap v3.0.2

Find out how many Rage faces you can tap !!! RageFace Tap is a addicting and simple game. You just have to touch all the rage faces as fast as you can before they invade your screen !! The game is over when the progress bar turns red. Aim for the top ranking !!!
Free updates to come with more Bonus Items and Rage Faces !!!!


PicTells PicTells v2.2

PicTells is a smart app for phones and tablets to analyze your face and detect the mood from your facial expressions along with your nearest celebrity match and some other facial attribute detection like presence of glasses, smile, gender detection and comparison with celeb faces (eye distance, upper and lower face area). Nice app to have fun and share face analysis results in facebook and other social networks. Images can be uploaded from gallery or real time from camera or through Image URL


Labyrinth Puzzle Labyrinth Puzzle v1.0.2

Swipe your finger on screen to guide the face reach the destination. Once the face has started moving, it won't stop until hit an obstacle.


FaceReaderLite FaceReaderLite v2.5

Discover people's REAL character by analyzing their face. Based on REAL science!
Are your friends really who they seem? Scan their face and get an analysis uncovering their true personality!


Faces Upload Faces Upload v0.8.2

With Faces app you can upload pictures to your profile, receive notifications and locate members on the map.