Face of Ring Face of Ring v1.5.2

Application can turn off ring vibration while phone is positioned horizontally (ex. lying on the table). When you have a meeting, put the phone face down to turn off its ringing. Soft vibration informs you about a call. Turn over it to check caller identity and place the phone face down again if desired.

-fix:forceclose on start - Many thanks to Phil


Canada Radio Pro Canada Radio Pro v1.1

Canada Radio Pro on Android Devices.


Ring Control Ring Control v1.0.1

Control your phone's ringer based on orientation


Decision Assistant Decision Assistant v0.12

Worrying about making choices? Decision Assistant will help you!


Text Bangla Text Bangla v1.1

Type and Read Bangla in any Android device without root!!!


Spacedraw Spacedraw v1.3.3

full-featured 3d-modeling software
designed for tablets and smartphones

new ways of viewing, drawing and modeling

• drawing / constructing lines, curves and primitives
• polygon- and patch-modeling
• lighting, materials, texture mapping
• 3d-painting

efficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout

adapts to almost any Android-device, highly configurable

aimed at both professionals and novices


SmsToPDF SmsToPDF v1.0

Do you wanna backup a important Conversation? Sms To PDF will do this for you by creating a pdf/epub file of conversation. You can also make PDF of all the available contacts of Phone book as well. PDF file will be saved in sdcard/sms2pdf folder and can be moved any where after creation.


Camera Scribe Camera Scribe v1.1

A mashup of Google's Voice to Text feature and the phone camera to help people tag their photos.

Camera Scribe lets you say your descriptions -- using your voice -- rather than painstakingly typing them in. Playing volleyball on the beach? Just say it after you take the picture. The program works by using Google Voice to tag photos.


RD Mute RD Mute v3.0.1

RD MUTE helps to you for muting phone. Flip face down and mute your phone.


Smart Stay Ex Smart Stay Ex v1.0.2

SmartStay Ex is an easy to use and free app that implements one of the coolest features in Samsung Galaxy S3, the Smart Stay. The feature uses the front facing camera to detect whether the user is looking at the phone and if the user is, then Smart Stay makes sure the phone screen stays on so the user can continue to read or do whatever they were doing.


ControlYourChild ControlYourChild v1.0

Watch and control remote PC on your android device


Battery Charged Alert Ad Battery Charged Alert Ad v5.0

For ppl who are still paranoid about over-charging their smart-phone battery (which is highly unlikely), this app allow you to trigger a ringtone alarm when say battery reach 50%-100%. This alert you when the charge is completed.


Lock Screen - Wallet Theme Lock Screen - Wallet Theme v5.2.2

Unzip your screen in style!!!
**10+ themes plus custom theme builder***


Who Is Calling? Who Is Calling? v2.1

WhoIsCalling Beta is an application that will speak the caller ID info searching for contact name in your agenda and if not found, will speak the number of the caller.


Human Capital Human Capital v1.04

HR magazine - Human Capital - 15 successful years of publishing!

Human Capital has a print readership of over 65,000, web circulation of over 10,000 and a digital reach of over 2,50,000 per month in all.

The Human Capital mobile app contains selected articles from current and past issue of the print magazine. Once you have downloaded the mobile app on your phone, you will continue to receive similar selected articles regularly.