Back2It Premium Back2It Premium v1.4.4

It is, but not just car Locator

With one click, you may mark any of your favorite places like
- parking lots
- favorite restaurants
- museums
- theaters
- public park
- public library
and more ...


Mighty Wizard Mighty Wizard v1.0.2

Help the mighty wizard to solve the brain twisters!


Mines Mines v1.2

Classic game of mine sweeper with not classic looks. Finally game that can be solved as fast as on a computer or even faster. Play and see for yourself. Just touch to reveal fields, a bit longer touch...but just a small mark the mine. The game has 4 difficulty levels and one of them is fully customizable. Compare you skills with your friends and see who is the fastest one or who has better score.


SMS Notifier Pro SMS Notifier Pro v1.2

Its ad free version of SMS Notifier( SMS Notifier Pro (SMS Popup) displays your SMS or message in a smart and simple way. It provides a better status bar notification and SMS popup with quick reply, delete and mark as read options. A very small and low memory consuming app. You can customise SMS notifier very easily.


Dokushot Dokushot v1.0

Developing apps? Need to mark up some shots? Dokushot rocks!


DogClicker DogClicker v1.3

With three different clicker sounds and an easy-to-use interface, Dog clicker is a handy tool for dog owners to train their dogs. Dog Clicker training is based on behavioral psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior with a clear 'clicker' sound and rewarding it. You will see great results with persistent training.


shift calendar shift calendar v1.6.3

A calendar with all your work shifts.

Works with any number of shifts and with any shift pattern. Just enter the shift sequence and a start date. The app generates a calendar showing the work shifts for each day in the year.

You can edit single days to change shifts or mark them as holidays.


Canada_Citizen_Test Canada_Citizen_Test v1.0

An essential tool to prepare you for the Canadian Citizenship Test. Say NO to any surprises during the test.


Graffiti Grinder Graffiti Grinder v1

Make your mark as you jump, glide and dive through the city, tagging over rival squad graffiti and dodging the Anti-Graffiti squad.


Tool 1 Tool 1 v1.2

Joseph Hamming, a researcher in the University of Montreal (Canada) has a strange accident that will mark the beginning of a soul-searching journey and change his destiny for good.


Alphabet Jumper Alphabet Jumper v1.0

Help the ball to catch the diamond. But remember to stay on the trampoline!


Are You Funny Are You Funny v2.0

Are you funny? You can check it now. It's a fun test that can determine whether you are fun personality with a sense of humor or not at all. Each game has 10 fun, sometimes even idiotic, questions. Each question has 3 far more hilarious answers. Choose one answer you like best. Finally, you will see the final result.


GPS Locator GPS Locator v1.1.4

GPS locator will let you know the location of a mobile phone just sending one SMS to that cell phone.

Only one android cell phone is needed, no 3G/internet is required. The application send the location through a SMS, but also include a link to google maps with the location marked on it.

Use your old android phone as a car locator GPS, just let this old phone on your car, and turn off the ringtone.


Detective Chess Detective Chess v2.1

A challenging deduction game based on the rules of Chess. Chess pieces are placed on a board, but you don't know which is which. You have to deduce where each piece goes from the number of times certain squares are attacked.


Site Aid Site Aid v1.0

Mark your points/site with GPS.


Punctuation Punctuation v1.0

Kids Grammar Punctuation is an educational games for young children to learn English grammar. Our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"


PlaceMemo Pro PlaceMemo Pro v3.0

English and Japanese

1 click to mark your favorite places like
- parking lot to find your car
- your favorite restaurants
- or any places you feel like to memorize

1 click to view locations in Google Map & get direction to it by GPS

Each marked place can attach 7 types of notes like
- Photo
- Doodle / Draw
- Text note
- voice clip
- web address (URL)
- Telephone
- Email Address

And, weather condition is provided for marked places too.


My Fairy Pony My Fairy Pony v1.1.1

You can customize your ponies with many different styles and colors, including:

* Body colors
* Hairstyles
* Pony tail styles,
* Unicorn horns
* Eyelashes
* Shoes
* Wings
* Eye colors
* Cutie marks
* 200 dress up items, which make thousands and thousands of combinations!


SpiceWars Underground SpiceWars Underground v24.0.0

In tough times, when the weather became dry it was difficult to harvest, and harvesting spice was much more difficult. Large companies took over the production of spices making every other way to distribute it illegal. They soon triggered a parallel market.
Large companies and gangs fought for distribution control in some places, the Spice war began.


MeetingMinutes MeetingMinutes v1.0

This app captures meeting minutes. It is designed for Android Tablet 3.0 Honeycomb.