gps trip gps trip v2.4

GPS Trip is a simple application of GPS/Wireless.


Where's My Train? Where's My Train? v1.2

Where's my train?? If you've ever found yourself waiting and waiting for that PATCO train, wondering why it isn't here yet, or if you're just looking to plan your trip better, this app is a must.

This is a handy PATCO schedule app that lists train departures for any given station, at any given day, in either direction.

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Road Trip Game! Road Trip Game! v1.4

An entertainment for kids and parents during long and boring road trips - make travels fun!


Aliens Trip Aliens Trip v3.0

Aliens Trip is a simple and funny game, just try it !


Plan a Trip Trial Plan a Trip Trial v1.1

Planning a holiday? Plan a Trip helps ensure nothing is forgotten.

Plan a Trip keeps track of the three most important things…
-- the To Do list of things you need to remember before you go
-- the Packing list so you don’t forget something
-- and, just as important, the up-to-date weather in your destination.


Make-A-Face Make-A-Face v1.1

Make emoticon style faces.


undermyfitted undermyfitted v2.0

Now you have all the power of (undermyfitted...) in the palm of your hand! Check out the latest posts, see exclusive content, watch videos, even visit the umf store all while never looking up from your phone. Get your daily fix of infotainment and become an asshollectual today...get the umf app!

undermyfitted- Kickin' Ass, Takin' Notes.


myBuddy Travel Planner myBuddy Travel Planner v1.1

myBuddy Travel Planner is a travel organizer. Use it to keep track of your flight data, hotel reservations, bus, train,.. trips at vacation or at your neighbourhood!

You can set reminders to never forget this important data!

Update: Layout improvement


MailDroid MailDroid v4.80

Welcome to MailDroid! MailDroid was built by frustrated users who, after using Android, had issues with the standard mail client, as well as with third party extensions of the client.

MailDroid is Ad-Supported.

Works for Android versions 4.3 up to 6.x


Andrino Andrino v1.1

Andrino is an interactive Javascript interpreter. Johnny can't program because the kids today cannot find a simple interactive programming environment to get started with. Andrino is my attempt to address this problem. It is a great way to practice beginning programming and Javascript. (Requires >= Android 1.6)


Jump or Fall Jump or Fall v1.0.1

The free arcade game for people of all ages.


URSafe Media Redirector URSafe Media Redirector v2.9.140225

• Get rid of DCIM folder for pictures, videos and much more ...
• Redirect files to any folder for any application you want.
• Easy to use !
• Fast and Lightweight !
• No special permissions !


Travel Checklist Travel Checklist v3.3

User friendly and customizable travel checklist.


iGotLost iGotLost v1.0.2

In case you got lost in a city or out on the trip, hiking, mountain climbing, etc., you can get your GPS location and transfer it to a selected phone number via SMS.


Doug's ATV Adventure Doug's ATV Adventure v2.1

An ATV ride through Colorado's high country. Pick up all of the coins you can!


Magoosh GRE Prep Magoosh GRE Prep v1.1

Prep for the Revised GRE with Magoosh’s comprehensive video lessons. On average, our students improve their scores by 8 points on the new scale (150 on the old one).

  • Covers all three sections (math, verbal, writing)
  • Over 200 video lessons (20+ hours)
  • Created by expert tutors
  • Animated examples and explanations
  • Detailed explanation of every concept on the GRE

Wardrobe Wardrobe v2.0

My Wardrobe! Make your best clothes combinations! Wear them and go!
My Wardrobe is a simple and easy application that helps you to pick outfits!

Add all your clothes and shoes by taking pictures of them! Make your best clothes combinations! Wear them and go!


Hawk Traveler Hawk Traveler v1.2.4

Hawk Traveler is a mobile application for Android, which allows you to make all your travels (journeys, walking tours, jogging, etc.) more informative as well as save all the info concerning these trips and, if necessary, share this information with others.
You can use Hawk Traveler as standard GPS tracker.
Export to GPX format is supported.


Piggy Fusion Piggy Fusion v1.0.405

Good morning! I am Miss Piggy!
Time for my breakfast! Would you like to make a breakfast for me?
Clear as many food as possible by linking them together.


Piggy Connect Piggy Connect v1.0.205

Good morning! I am Miss Piggy!
Time for my breakfast! Would you like to make a breakfast for me?
Connect 3 of the same kind to win a clear.