Abcday Lite Abcday Lite v1.0.4

Yey! Learning ABC is so much fun now! Kids will surely love this entertaining app ; from the bubble popping, various amusing music, nurturing voice, to the exciting learning tools - every part of this app brings a memorable learning experience.


FreePlay Football Quiz FreePlay Football Quiz v1.0.3

Take the challenge and test your football knowledge


Completely Random Trivia Completely Random Trivia v1.0

This is a fun little questionnaire that shows how smart you really are. It will put to the test how much general knowledge you really have about the world. It features fifteen exciting questions about our world. See if you can get a perfect score. Compare results with your friends and see who knows the most about our world as it is, and who has bragging rights on being the most knowledgeable person you know!


Pass Your Time Quiz Pass Your Time Quiz v1.0

Bored, no where to go with friends, have a Quizical night in! Answer the ten questions this app offers and test your knowledge on a wide variety of topics including sport, history and the internet. Although the questions are easy, they are tricky and will must have your complete attention! If you think you can score a perfect score, give this app a shot and see if you can earn the right to brag about your all round knowledge in life. Compare results with your friends to add to the fun.


Preparing Interview Lite Preparing Interview Lite v4.0

How to be well prepared for the interviews and win your dream job

Interview is an important part of selection process. You will generally get 5 to 45 minutes to impress the interview panel and get the job. These few minutes could change your life! Please prepare well ahead of time for this. This app only deals with the preparation aspect of the interviews.


Football Quiz Football Quiz v1.0

Do you know everything there is to know about the world's most popular sport? If you think you do, guess again, as this app is here to prove you wrong. It features ten very challenging questions covering all aspects of the wonderful sport. See if you can beat the app and score a perfect 10. Compare answers with your football loving friends to see who has the most knowledge about the international game.


Fun General Trivia Fun General Trivia v1.0

Do you think you have a vast amount of general knowledge, and you are able to get a perfect score in any trivia game you play? With ten very intense questions, this app is here to prove you wrong! See if you can answer the ten questions in this app, which are related to a wide variety of subjects including history, geography and biology. See if you can get a perfect score. Compare answers with friends to see who knows the most about the world.


PubMed Mobile PubMed Mobile v1.6.4

Search PubMed database with over 19 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals

Keyword search with options
Save search query
Save citations
Email citations
View abstract
link to full article if available

Post a comment for an article to public
Write a note to yourself
View public comments for an article

search by PubMed ID, just enter the id in the search box

Pro version has more feature. Please give a try


ERILite ERILite v1.2.1

ERI (English Russian Italian) is a program to learn some easy words in three languages.


Match the Flag Match the Flag v3.01

Match the flag the one of the names of countries


AG German Newspapers FREE AG German Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

All world and German newspapers!


SMS Blocker Lite SMS Blocker Lite v1.9

With the SMS Blocker you will block all kinds of spammers and never receive a spam SMS in your inbox again. All the junk SMS messages are stored inside the app for reference. Pay once to have the convenience of blocking spam SMS with this SMS easy filter.


Call Guard Free Call Guard Free v2.6.3

With Call Guard you can block incoming calls/sms (text messages) or outgoing calls.
Now with Full Pick up/Hang up mode(no voicemail,no notifications) support for all versions, (2.3 Gingerbread included)!The only app on the market which leaves no traces of the call, even on Gingerbread


AppsBeam AppsBeam v1.1.12

With Apps-Beam, see all your apps at a glance! Share, recommend multiple apps, rate, bookmark, uninstall, launch at random, manage, customize ...a new amazing launcher and time saving app !


Cashtap Cashtap v1.02

Cashtap is a simple tapping game where you need to tap the items that appear on the screen and get as many points as possible before the timer runs out. Cashtap has two game modes, a casual mode and a more challenging extreme mode, to choose from depending on your mood. It also features all-time and daily online leaderboards to keep you coming back and testing yourself against other people.


The Warriors The Warriors v1.2

If you like Warriors, Just go for it.

Its pleasure for me to create wallpaper app of such characters(Achilles & Maximus).Finest images of Characters are included in this application. Through the Application...

-> IMDb rating of character's movie.
-> You can set image as phone's wall.
-> You can save images in phone's gallery.
-> Instant app rating.
-> You can find more apps from Phoenix.asit.

So, Set your favorite character on your ph's wall & enjoy the application.


StudyMaster - GermanVocab StudyMaster - GermanVocab v4.0

Study German vocab with this easy-to-use quiz app with over 600 words & phrases


Beer Quiz Beer Quiz v1.1

Beer Quiz for Android offers nearly 200 beer-related questions in a simple yes/no format. Do you think you know a lot about different types of beer and how they're made?


Reality Distortion Field Reality Distortion Field v1.1

The famous Reality Distortion Field- now always with you on your Android phone!


StudyMaster - Geography StudyMaster - Geography v4.0

Study Geography with this easy-to-use quiz app with over 400 questions