In Ze Boite In Ze Boite v1.0

Après le succès du jeu télévisé diffusé sur Gulli, « In Ze Boîte » est enfin disponible sur iPhone et iPad. Basé sur le même principe que l’émission, obtiens le maximum de points et affronte la terrible boite noire !


APad++ Pro APad++ Pro v1.4

A powerful general-purpose text editor, support for the current mainstream text editors. Support the text encryption format specific.
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Forest Friends Forest Friends v8.12

Discover five forest animals through unique scenes and play!


Halloween Find The Pair Halloween Find The Pair v1.0.0

Memory (find pairs) game with Halloween theme


Writepad Writepad v2.4

Writepad is made specifically for stylus handwriting on a tablet. Useful for math and science classes where typing isn't an option!
Requires Android 3.0+ tablet.


Battery Doctor Battery Doctor v2.1.1

Battery Doctor, professional battery saver charging your battery for free.

Do you need an app that can help maintain the battery and maximize your battery life? Battery Doctor is the official, highly praised, and professional battery saver app, the app that helps extend battery life.


Guess The Football Star Guess The Football Star v1.0.7

Ultimate football quiz for the ultimate soccer fan! Guess the Football Star brings you all your favourite footballers from around the globe so that you can test your soccer knowledge from the convenience of your palm.

Free v1 - learn new vocab
Learn a language while you browse the web.
Study French, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and more, as you read articles on your mobile device and tap on words you don’t know.’s smart dictionary gives you translations for vocabulary you would like to learn. The app creates personalized games and flashcards to help you remember your new vocab. A fun, free and seamless way to learn a language.


Mochu POP! Mochu POP! v1.2.1

Language Immersion Game - English, Spanish, French, Italian


Movie Trio Quiz Movie Trio Quiz v1.0.1

Can you pick out 3 characters in the movie which are mixed with others?

3 characters or actors in the film are mixed with different pictures! Find correct pictures and pick them out!


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If you are a cinema lover and want a fun pop quiz, this game is for you!


Band Live Rock Band Live Rock v1.3

A Band to play Rock. Drum Kit, Guitar, Piano, Bass. Record and mix your tracks


Uni (Galaxy At War) 3 Uni (Galaxy At War) 3 v1.0.5

Choose a faction and conquer Uni in this shooter with real-time 3D battles & strategy gameplay.


Danger Orbit Danger Orbit v1.0.6

Jump in, and help out. How hard can clearing debris be, anyway?


Iru Mugan Movie Songs Iru Mugan Movie Songs v1.0.0.0

Listen,Watch and Download Iru Mugan Tamil Movies Songs, Videos and Wallpaper


Number Monsters Number Monsters v1.0.4

It’s fun, addictive and very simple RPG type Puzzle game.
Touch quickly from a small to big number in sequence and fight a battle with monsters.
As the player has to keep continually focused on the game, it improves your concentration.
Compete your level against people around all over the world through a ranking system!


Color me ABC Color me ABC v1.3

Step into the world of magical colors and painting.

The day we come to life, we see colors all around. From the first day these brighter and lighter colors always fascinate us affecting our dim and low moods. While you are sitting somewhere feeling low, you might find it intimidating that a bright color will instantly aggravate your mood. Yes! These colors are all around us, playing with our imaginations.


Moto Quiz Challenge Moto Quiz Challenge v1.0

How many cars do You recognize? How many producers do You know?


Guess The Part Guess The Part v1.0.2

Can you recognize the objects through their parts? Beat all puzzles with fun!


Animal Orchestra Animal Orchestra v1.8

Animal Orchestra is a great learning music game for preschoolers. Your kid will learn instruments names and will recognize them by their sounds. The game is simple enough for children to play without any help but also interactive enough to keep them focused.


Quiz das Princesas Quiz das Princesas v1.02

Responde a perguntas sobre as tuas Princesas favoritas e mostra que tu própria és uma verdadeira Princesa!