TriviaQuiz TriviaQuiz v1.0.5

Trivia Quiz is a classical multiple choice trivia quiz (MCQ) game. You will feel like you are participating in the TV Quiz shows like Who wants to be a millionaire, Are you smarter than fifth grader, Who want to me millionaire..
You have three lifelines.
1) 50/50 where 2 out of 4 questions will be removed.
2) Ask the expert:
3) Refresh the question.
Question from Sports, Movies, Politics, Geography, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, ....


aQuiz aQuiz v3.6.19

General knowledge quiz/trivia game. Quizzes about pop culture and serious stuff too!

11 topics:
- Geek
- TV series
- National flags
- Sports
- Geography
- Rock
- Movies
- Art/Literature
- Science
- Video games
- History

Four game modes:
- normal: answer a series of 20 questions.
- survival: give as much correct answers as possible in a row.
- peace: just freely answer questions.
- time: 20 questions, 10 seconds per question.


Lummy Quiz Lummy Quiz v1.1.0

"Lummy Quiz" is the best choice for quiz lovers!


General Knowledge Quiz General Knowledge Quiz v1.0

Have fun learning with this general knowledge GK quiz!


Flag Quiz Game Flag Quiz Game v1.0

The Quiz Game app tests the user’s ability to correctly identify country flags.


NerdQuiz NerdQuiz v1.5.1

NerdAzoid - A Quiz/TriviaGame for real Nerds!

What awaits you:

Over 800 questions are waiting for you. Four different categories(Fantasy, SciFi, Videogames & Superheroes) and three different levels of difficulty want to play with you.
Collect as much achievements as possible, to unlock extra features.


Europe Capitals Europe Capitals v2.0

Learn more about Europe with this Capitals Quiz App!
- Country Flags Quiz
- Capital City Quiz
- Share Your High Scores


QuizBurner QuizBurner v1.3.2

Challenging trivia quiz!

Your opponent, the time. The weapon, your knowledge.


Italiano General Quiz Italiano General Quiz v1.0

Divertiti a quizzettare con I tuoi amici!!! Chi sarà il più forte? Qquestions like qual'è l'estensione della cute nell'uomo adulto? and quale dei seguenti è impari e mediano? and pelvi è sinonimo di Test your work buddies and friends. Italian, it, italy, italiano, eu, europe, quizz, quiz


General Genuis General Genuis v1.0

This trivia will have questions about general knowledge. Each question will get harder and will be about any everything. Complete with your friends and see who knows more. trivia, games, quiz, quizzes, android free app, test, tests


Africa Capitals Africa Capitals v2.0

Expand your Knowledge: Africa Capitals
- Country Capitals Quiz
- Flags of African Countries Quiz
- Share Your Scores and Challenge Your Friends


Quiz Champion Quiz Champion v1.0

A free Quiz game that challenges your general knowledge and trivia.
You answer as many questions as you can in 30 seconds in a bid to get a high score against people from all over the world.


Science Iq Science Iq v1.0

Just how well do you know your science? Do you know which gases are found in a light bulb and what is less dense than water? Challenge your friends with this fun quiz and test your science knowledge skills! Do you think you know everything about the properties and trends of elements in the Periodic Table? Well then, think twice ! android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge, game show, mobile


Quiz15sec Quiz15sec v1.0

Love quiz? Test your knowledge with Quiz15sec app and play thousands of questions for free. There is a quiz for you whether you love film, travel, inventions, sports, animals.


Droid Trivia Droid Trivia v2.0

If you love trivia, Droid Trivia is the trivia game for you!


Trivia Quiz HD Trivia Quiz HD v1.1.0

Enter a world of knowledge and enjoy the beautiful HD backgrounds while playing.

- Stunning quality HD Themes.
- Leaderboard with offline/online scores.
- Question Timer.
- 3 Lives.
- 4 Help Options: "Hint", "Public", "50-50" and "Switch".
- 3 Rounds with custom number of questions/round.
- 5 Difficulty Levels: "Easy", "Medium", "Hard", "Random" and "Progressive Rounds".
- 4 Game play Modes: "Time Trial", "Survivor", "Inquisitive" and "Hardcore".


TriviaPop Movie Edition TriviaPop Movie Edition v1.4

Test your movie knowledge with this multiple choice trivia quiz. Categories include action, family, comedy, horror, romance or science fiction. Tablet compatible!


WorldIQ Quiz WorldIQ Quiz v1.0

Excellent General Knowledge APp


Strange Quiz Strange Quiz v0.9.5

Are you tired about usually quiz?

Strange Quiz 1-2 Player has a simple game rule: choose the wrong answer to win!


Chaud Patate Quizz Chaud Patate Quizz v2.6

French quiz app featuring multiple categories !