Flickr Photo Quiz Free Flickr Photo Quiz Free v1.9

Do you like Geography? So Flickr Photo Quiz Free is for you.
Try to guess what place is on the picture? Random and most interesting photos of famous and interesting sights, people in national costumes, national traditions, wonders of nature from Flickr.


GRE / SAT Flash cards lite GRE / SAT Flash cards lite v1.0.3

Have fun while learning words that appear in GRE, SAT and GMAT.
Has 3000+ words starting from alphabet A to L.


Baby Easy ABC Full Baby Easy ABC Full v1.0.1

Baby Easy ABC is an application for baby and toddlers, that features :
- Learn the alphabets with funny animal pictures representing each letters
- Simple quiz to match the Letters with Pictures
- Pronounce the letters when baby touches the pictures


A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga v1.0

"A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga" by Yogi Ramacharaka was published in 1906.
1. It is a Non-fiction, Health, Instructional book with plenty of knowloedge.
2. Special version for Android devices.
3. Start reading book in a minute on your finger tips.


An Outcast An Outcast v1.0

"An Outcast" a fiction book by Francis Colburn Adams was written in 1861
Francis Colburn Adams was an American miscellaneous writer, formerly living in Charleston, South Carolina, who wrote under various pseudonyms, including A Cavalryman, Justia, a Knownothing and Pheleg Van Trusedale.

1. Special for Android devices

2. Start reading the book in minutes


Mansfield Park Mansfield Park v2.1

"Mansfield Park" a novel by Jane Austen.
Its themes are very different from those of her other books, which can generally be simplified into one sentence, or even one phrase: Sense and Sensibility is about balancing emotions.
One thing is certain, this novel is not like Jane Austen's others.
Download in your Android device for free!


ToddlePhone Full ToddlePhone Full v4.3

A bestselling educational toy phone game for little kids.
Infants, toddlers & preschoolers learn numbers & colors pronounced by a 3.5 year old boy in different languages.

Features include:
* Numbers & Colors
* Lock buttons to childproof
* Freestyle mode
* Quiz game

* English
* Spanish
* French
* Russian
* Italian
* Record your voice in any language


Ask Me The Impossible Ask Me The Impossible v1.0

Will you complete the entire quiz? Ask Me the Impossible is an app which asks you easy to harder questions! Can you make it all the way to the end without failing once? Test yourself and your friends and see who's better. Enjoy! fun games, free apps, test, quiz, trivia, gameshow, mobile app game


Trivia Special Trivia Special v1.0

This trivia is a good game to keep up with your everyday knowledge mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free


Qr Code Quiz Qr Code Quiz v1.0

Test your knowledge. Learn all about QR codes. See how much you know about mobile tagging. Challenge your friends too. For example, do you know if QR codes can be as big as a house? How about where were QR codes first developed? If you know the answer to these questions then try to know them all! quizzes, test, tests, gameshow, free iq games, entertainment, puzzle, brain, app


British Royal's Trivia Quiz British Royal's Trivia Quiz v1.0

British Royal’s Trivia Quiz Is good fun plus a nice educational tool, for Adults and Children alike. All comments will be very much appreciated. Enjoy a fun game to play with your friends and family. Challenge each other this next games night event to see who is the best. test, games, free android apps, game, quizz, quizzes, fun trivia quiz, tests, friends iq test


Linux Pop Quiz Linux Pop Quiz v1.0

Linux Quiz. Test your Linux knowledge Play this trivia game with your geeky friends today and see who knows more. Can you get all the answers correct? geek trivia, games, game, free games, android free games, quiz, quizz, quizzes, test, tests, gameshow, free game, brain, puzzle, puzzles, english, language


Hajiazuq Hajiazuq v1.0

Do you know Hiroki AZUMA'@hazuma'? this app show how much do you know about hazuma. true, false, test, quiz, quizz, games, game, free app, trivia


Truth Or Fail Truth Or Fail v1.0

This Application is to test your smarts there are questions that are easy and hard. Do you know the answer to questions like was Ben Franklin a popular citizen in Pennsylvannia and is the moon broken when we see only part of it and was WillIam Penn a christian? Try this fun quiz and learn new things. puzzle, tests, games, free game, quizz


Statistics Quick Reference Statistics Quick Reference v1.2.1

Statistics Quick Reference was designed by a qualified statistics Instructor. Each of the concepts was explained in detail, followed by an example for better understanding.


Dog Trivia Dog Trivia v1.0

Dogs Trivia! Enjoy interesting facts about Dogs, and enlarge your knowledge about dogs.


Flags Flags v1.0

Flags of the world! Play Trivia game and improve your knowledge about the flags of the world.
Guess which country has the flag.
Compete with more players online, and compare scores.


Israel Israel v1.0

Planning a trip to Israel? See if you can answer these Trivia questions about Israel!


Math for kids 1 to 100 Math for kids 1 to 100 v1.0

Math trivia game for kids, from 1 to 100. Learn and have fun at the same time!


Early American History Trivia Early American History Trivia v1.0

Early American History Trivia, 1775 to 1865, revolution, civil war, history quiz, education, social studies. All these topics will be tested upon in the quiz below. This quiz is a great way to practice for a test and have fun at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a go! If you can answer questions like how many men did the Continental Army have when George Washington took command? and the Olive Branch Petition was meant to do what between the british and the