SlideME SlideME v6.35

The SlideME Application Manager (SAM) app provides access to a curated list of the very best of Android applications available from SlideME. All our apps are manually approved and tested on a wide variety of devices, to make sure you get the best experience possible on your device, from your device.


Funky Cam 3D Free Funky Cam 3D Free v2.0.0

Funky Cam 3D - Amazing New Real-time 3D Viewer Technology For Android, iPhone, iPad and Bada


Battery Doctor Battery Doctor v2.1.1

Battery Doctor, professional battery saver charging your battery for free.

Do you need an app that can help maintain the battery and maximize your battery life? Battery Doctor is the official, highly praised, and professional battery saver app, the app that helps extend battery life.


FreePlay Math Skills Quiz FreePlay Math Skills Quiz v1.0.0

Whether you are learning math, want to brush up your knowledge, help your kids or just enjoy math quizzes, this fun application is right for you.


FaceReaderLite FaceReaderLite v2.5

Discover people's REAL character by analyzing their face. Based on REAL science!
Are your friends really who they seem? Scan their face and get an analysis uncovering their true personality!


Smart Kids Games LITE Smart Kids Games LITE v8.4

Learning game for children of all ages.
Juego de aprendizaje divertido para niños de todas las edades.


Flash Blink Alert for Call Sms Flash Blink Alert for Call Sms v1.3

Flash Blink Alert for Call Sms is an application that uses Mobile Flash Light during an Incoming call, Sms or any notification.

It generally helps people to use it in silent mode where you don't want your phone to be ringing or vibrating. The Flash light indicates the incoming call, Sms or any other notifications.


WheelOfFortune WheelOfFortune v1.15

Wheel of Fortune is first game for Android, based on the original quiz Wheel of Fortune.


Free Dictionary Org Free Dictionary Org v2.5

Chosen as "Best Dictionary App" by the book "Best Android Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders", O'Reilly Media.

Free Dictionary is an English Dictionary that gives you English definitions, synonyms, pronunciation and spelling.
- Auto-suggestion
- Offline Database query when there is no network
- Wikipedia Integration
- Play quiz game
- Searched word on Google Images
- Search history


Drop or Fall Drop or Fall v1.3.9

Drop or Fall is a classic Falldown game with graphical and gameplay enhancements


Special Design Wallpapers Special Design Wallpapers v1.1

Special Designed Cool Wallpapers
Set a cool Wallpaper of your choice to decorate your Android device.

  • A cool Collection of Wallpapers
  • Select a catagory from a list that includes 3D, Love, Animals, Beaches and much more
  • A collection of wallpapers will display when a catagory is choosen
  • Slide thumbnail bar to easily choose your wallpaper
  • Take a preview before setting up a wallpaper

Color me ABC Color me ABC v1.3

Step into the world of magical colors and painting.

The day we come to life, we see colors all around. From the first day these brighter and lighter colors always fascinate us affecting our dim and low moods. While you are sitting somewhere feeling low, you might find it intimidating that a bright color will instantly aggravate your mood. Yes! These colors are all around us, playing with our imaginations.


Ferrari Cars Wallpaper Ferrari Cars Wallpaper v1.0.1

Are you a Fan of Ferrari Cars ? If yes, then this is the application that will take you through the whole experience.
- Allows to change Photos on Finger Slide(Left to Right or Right to Left).
- Allows Photo's to be Set as Wallpaper.


ABCs ABCs v1.0.4

The best way to learn alphabet letters for your kids.


LogoQuiz LogoQuiz v1.0

Logo quiz app is now in new style. You don’t have to write the names of the logos, you have to choose the right answers from the give MCQ’s. Here are 200 logos, hopefully you enjoy playing this interesting quiz game.
Fling the screen to move next or previous quiz.


Business Calendar Business Calendar v1.4.1.3

Complete calendar app that sync with Google Calendar

* smooth scroll- and zoomable multi-day view (1-14 days)
* graphical and textual presentation
* month, agenda, day, and event view
* quickly fade in/out calendars using the favorite bar
* search function
* widgets for month, week, agenda and day view


Logos quiz Logos quiz v1.0

Logos quiz

This is a quiz game where you have to guess the logos of different brands


Kids Learn Colors Kids Learn Colors v1.0

Your child can now learn colors fun and easy way.

With this application you youngests can develop basic ability of color recognition.


Geography Quiz 3D Geography Quiz 3D v1.0

Fun game for all the fans of geography quizzes and race games! Get Geography Quiz Game 3D , this addictive quiz game is great for gaining new geography knowledge! And it's so much fun! Race around the world with other players, answer geography questions, complete achievements and have fun playing this geography game!


Advanced Dictionary Advanced Dictionary v1.9.62

Advanced Dictionary allows you to translate in any direction between many world languages and allows you to test your knowledge.