Dice General(Cupcake) Dice General(Cupcake) v1.0

General is a dice game the main goal of which is to score more point than your opposite.
This is only for Android 1.5 devices, if you have a higher version, download "Dice General" application.


Fartroid Fartroid v2.0.6

Fartroid allows you to play ridiculously funny anal notes from your Android device, use the application to annoy your colleagues or amuse your friends or just use to cause general embarrassment in public places!.


Movie Quiz Movie Quiz v1.4

Test your knowledge of recent movies by guessing movie titles, actors, directors and composers.


Cliché Crazy! Cliché Crazy! v1.0

It has been estimated that there are over 3000 Cliché’s in the English language! Cliché Crazy! is a fantastically exciting quiz on some of the most popular Cliché’s in the English Language. With this quiz you can 'get a handle' on these phrases, so YOU TOO can start using them daily to drive people Cliché CRAZY!


Number Quiz Number Quiz v1.0.0

A riddle game where the answers are numbers!


Doctor Who Fan Quiz Doctor Who Fan Quiz v1.0

This app will let you see if you have what it takes to be the Doctor's companions. The quiz will have questions from when the show returned in 2005 - present. Doctor Who is the best!


Geef Het Goede Antwoor Geef Het Goede Antwoor v1.0

Geef het goede antwoord. Speel deze leuke trivia spel. Kunt you raden van de juiste keuze in deze quiz? Het is een leuk spel om te spelen met je vrienden en familie.


Arcaine's Quiz Box Arcaine's Quiz Box v1.0

Play Free Arcaine's Quiz Box, a fun mobile quiz game. Knowledge of someone between 12+ may be needed. Includes test questions about animals like cats and dogs or technology like LED or twitter and events like the Olympics, Stigmata or feature movies and music video films. Plus pop culture quizz or mascot references to twilight, rihanna, bill gates, the black eye peas and more fun app trivia games questions. quizzes


Are You An Nfl Super Fan? Are You An Nfl Super Fan? v1.0

Are you an NFL super fan? We'll see about that! Get ready for the questions that only a super fan can know. You must know about all the teams: Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns Denver Broncos, Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins New York Jets Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers, Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys and more!


How Much Do You Really Know? How Much Do You Really Know? v1.0

Can you make the right choice when presented with one of two options? Test your friends and see who's better when it comes to this fun quiz game of seeing how much do you really know?

free games, quizz, quizzes, mobile puzzle


Choose One Choose One v1.0

When presented with one of two choices? What would you do? Which would you choose? And is that the right choice? Play the fun game that will have you wondering... did you choose the right answer?

trivia, games, quiz, quizzes, android free app, test, tests


Choose Your Ending Choose Your Ending v1.0

What type of ending will you get with this fun game of choosing your ending. It's an interactive game story that will have you wondering whether you're on the right path or heading for trouble. Enjoy the story filled with pirates, islands, natives and more!

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Are You A Bad Girl? Are You A Bad Girl? v1.0

Are fast on your way to gaining a reputation bigger than Russia? Do you talk the talk and have the walk to back it up? Download Are You a Bad Girl and see for yourself today!

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Ab Quiz Ab Quiz v1.0

If you like like angry birds, then test your knowledge with this quiz app. See just how good you are with the pop culture references to this fun game that everyone loves. Share with your game loving friends and see who's the best at this test.

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Aqa Biology B1a Revision Part1 Aqa Biology B1a Revision Part1 v1.0

A line of quiz test questions to help with the Revision for the GCSE Biology B1a set by the AQA board. Its the first section of Revision including:
Neurones and reflexes
The Menstrual Cycle
Our body's needs.

reflex actions motor sensory, nerves chemicals, hormone, oral contraceptives, fertility eggs, glucose quizz tests


English Trivia English Trivia v1.0

How well do you know 10th grade English trivia? Take this fun quiz and find out just how good you really are.

Challenge your friends and see if they know more. Perfect for high school review.


Quiz For Kids Quiz For Kids v1.0

This application is perfect for kids! This app hass fun trivia for kids and interesting facts!


Das Quiz Das Quiz v1.0

Beantworte die Fragen und du wirst sehen ob du mehr weißt als man von dir behauptet. ein lustiges Quiz, um mit Ihren Freunden in Deutschland spielen

quizzes, german, germany, douchland, entertainment, puzzle, brain, app


Rap Quiz Rap Quiz v1.0

Do you think you know rap??? Wanna prove it?
Well put your knowledge to the test and try and win the Rap Quiz!! Take on your friends and prove who really knows their rappers and music best.

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Amazing Iq Quiz Amazing Iq Quiz v1.0

Test your I.Q on the 10 steps to winning. See just how good of a person you are when it comes to solving these puzzles!

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