aiCurrency aiCurrency v1.2.0

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No advertising, clean and smooth UI.

aiCurrency is a currency converter for 203 currencies. It uses exchanges rates provided by Yahoo Finance, European Central Bank, etc. It provides wide range of features like automatically updated exchange rates, multiple currencies conversions, course dynamics for last 90 days... and many other features.



Scramble is one of the popular word finding games. The goal is finding as many words as possible under some letter constraints one of which is that successive letters of the aimed word must be neighbor to each other and the other one is that a word must have at least three letters length.


Dice General Dice General v1.1

General is a dice game the main goal of which is to score more point than your opposite.


GRE Droid Lite GRE Droid Lite v3.4

SAT / GRE Vocabulary Trainer for Android 1.6+ Platform. Works great for GRE SAT LSAT GMAT MCAT ACT TOEFL GED IELTS!

-Import your own word list
-Text To Speech Audio flashcards
-adaptive Quiz
-weighting system to hide known words
-play word list automtically

This TRIAL version has 20 word list, Pro comes with 6,000

See website for support!


IATA / ICAO Dictionary IATA / ICAO Dictionary v1.0

Offline database for IATA / ICAO airport, airline, aircraft and delay codes and general aviation abbreviations.


(Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 (Lite) Decision makers 3D N in 1 v1.1

Set of decision makers in your pocket. To get advice just touch and roll selected decision cube to the direction you like.
Lite version has General, Manager and Baby gender (what if today) decision makers.
Full one adds Todays activity, HR, Trader and no ads.

Note:remember that it is just a toy.


tap it! tap it! v0.9.7

It’s all about speed and quick fingers. Touch and move as fast as you can to see if you can beat all levels. Improve your dexterity and try to be the fastest guy in the high score list.

It’s a game and science at the same time. Check out the about screen to learn more.


Worldscope Webcams Worldscope Webcams v4.0.2

Half a million users love Worldscope Webcams. This app makes it easy to check an old vacation spot, visit new places or just spy the world with more than 20,000 webcams from around the world. Optimized for phone, tablet and Google TV.


CueBrain Lite CueBrain Lite v6.02.002

Learn language vocabulary the fun and easy way using interactive flash cards (cue cards).
Perfect for travel and study.
* Many different languages and lots of vocabulary!
* Make your own cue cards
* Feed the drum machine by answering correct answers consecutively
* Try to beat your own time or compete versus user's quiz session from all over the world
* Keep track of your progress "in the cloud"
* Speech


Hit It! Hit It! v0.21

It’s all about speed and quick fingers. Touch and move as fast as you can to see if you can beat all levels. Improve your dexterity and try to be the fastest guy in the high score.

A game and science at the same time. Check out the about screen to learn more.


iDGT+ iDGT+ v2.1.6

iDGT muestra las incidencias de tráfico en tiempo real del mapa de carreteras español. Los datos son obtenidos de la propia Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT).


M32 M32 v1.02

Did you ever try to learn Assembly? Modern CPUs are far
too complex for beginners to learn the basic concepts behind
assembly language. M32 simulates a simple CPU and lets
you see what your code does: step-by-step


Baby Easy ABC Baby Easy ABC v1.0.6

Baby Easy ABC Lite is an Educational learning application, Free and Fun
English and Indonesian learning for babies, toddlers and young kids:
- Full ABC with matching animal picture
- Simple quiz in English and Indonesian to match the Letters with Animal Pictures
- Slide bar to ease movement of the whole picture and alphabets
- No restrictions
- Colorful animal pictures
Please email for update request or complain on the apps


Shift Shift v1.01

Shift is a fun and addictive puzzle game with vivid, colorful graphics. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. A single round generally lasts only a few minutes, so it's perfect when you have some spare time like when waiting in line of riding a bus.


Simple Spanish Simple Spanish v1.0

If you're learning Spanish or practicing your forign language practice with this fun game for your Android mobile phone or tablet. Great app for beginners to the spanish language and wanting to test their knowledge of espanol.

Do you know words in spanish? How about completing sentences? Test yourself today.

español quizzes, quiz, games, game, gameshow, test, iq quiz, fun tests


Super Music Quiz Super Music Quiz v1.0

This quiz contains new songs, but also some old ones. Test your music skills and knowledge. test, games, free android apps, game, quizz, quizzes, fun trivia quiz, tests, friends iq test Enjoy a fun game to play with your friends and family. Challenge each other this next games night event to see who is the best.


The Quiz Of Tennis The Quiz Of Tennis v1.0

Applicazione Fantastica dedicata a tutti I fan del tennis!!! Troverete Domande interamente dedicate al tennis! android free apps, free games, fun quizz, challenge, game show, mobile


New Music Quiz New Music Quiz v1.0

This app is a quiz to see how you know new music. This app has questions about: -Lady GaGa -Bruno Mars -Enrique Iglesias -Pitbull -Ke$ha -Justin Beiber -Jay Sean AND SO MUCH MORE!!! quizzes, quiz, games, game, songs, music scene, test, iq quiz, fun tests


Mario Kart Quiz Mario Kart Quiz v1.0

This is a Mario kart quiz which has questions about the game. Test your friends to see who knows more when it comes to this fun game to play on the weekends. mobile app, games, game, test, quiz, quizz, quizzes, free


Social Butterfly Buddies Social Butterfly Buddies v1.0

This is the ultimate social quiz game for YouTube and Twitter to see if you are a social butterfly, or a silent butterfly! Social butterflies gain wings and learn to fly, while silent butterflies are just plain shy! This game tests your skill for Twitter and YouTube to see if you socialize online enough! Join us and become a Social Butterfly! quizzes, test, tests entertainment, puzzle, internet, social media, app