DummyTown DummyTown v1.3

Control radioactive characters smashing, jump kicking and exploding their way


Mr. Eyes For Dummies Free Mr. Eyes For Dummies Free v1

Mr. Eyes For Dummies Free is a totally innovative new game inspired by basketball. To succeed, you will need both skill and speed. It uses the laws of physics on 60 levels in 5 different sceneries, boosted by a delirious soundtrack and completely new HD graphics.


KungFu Man KungFu Man v1.0.3

To become the legendary Kung Fu Man, one has to pass the trial of the wooden dummy. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenge?


Boss Dismount Boss Dismount v1

Take a break from work and toss your boss under an ice cream truck!


Crashtest Hero Crashtest Hero v1.0.6

Explore crazy and freaking parallel universes with your motocross racing super moto bike!


Sheep Game Sheep Game v1.2

Android Sheep Game is simple and fun "catch a sheep" type of game for kids where you aim to tap as many sheeps as you can and not to let lambs disappear when they are looking from left & right edges of the screen. This is a simple action & arcade game, a bit of dummy as well :-)

The design is made by my sons, 6 and 9 years old boys, who basically guided me to create a simple "catch a sheep" game which can be used with one finger and had to include music and nice sounds effects like fart :-)


Tap Sheep Tap Sheep v1.1

Purpose is to tap as many sheep as you can! And more you tap and catch, the more points you get. Tapping angry and smelly dog gives minus points!

Tap Sheep game is a funny arcade and action game user uses his/her device's touch screen and try to tap appearing sheep from left and right.

Works fluently on any touch screen Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Motorola, LG and SonyEricsson Android smartphones. Designed for lower resolutions, such as 320x480, so it might not look that great in big tablets.


Housekeep Files Ad Housekeep Files Ad v2.0

For some people who want to do simple housekeep of deleting un-wanted files in your sd-card mass volume based on files are how old, this app is to serve that need.


Cracked Screen Cracked Screen v1.0

The best "Cracked Screen" app for Android!


JackCourierMissionMexicoCity JackCourierMissionMexicoCity v1.3.4

Chase down the notorious criminal “El Chacal” throughout Mexico City.


Angry BABA Angry BABA v1.0.3

Action game with exciting batting!! Dynamic and colorful 3D game graphic!

Strike all the flying objects; meteorite, UFO, missile, space worm, and waste

Enjoy Angry Baba, an ultimate 3D action smartphone game!!


Grades2Go™ Mobile Grades2Go™ Mobile v2.0.1

Grades2Go Mobile for Android is a companion app for Grades2Go Desktop, the first data platform designed specifically for teachers. Full info is available at

Much more than a gradebook, Grades2Go has extensive commenting, journaling, PDF reporting, and automated communication capabilities. With teachers under pressure for more accountability and results, Grades2Go is an indispensable professional tool.