The Way of Peace The Way of Peace v1.0

JAMES ALLEN. THE WAY OF PEACE. Meditation centered upon divine realities is the very essence and soul of prayer.
It is absolutely mesmerising and thought provoking book.
Download in your Anroid device and enjoy it!


Milky Way Galaxy Core Milky Way Galaxy Core v4.0.0

Milky Way Galaxy Core Live Wallpaper.


Angry Boss Angry Boss v1.3.3

Sick of your job? Sick of your boss? Sick of your coworkers? Want revenge?


PogoSheep PogoSheep v1.0

Play as a sheep and bounce your way over and under obstacles to survive.

Try to get the highscore against your friends and the rest of the world.


MovingMaze MovingMaze v1.2.5

Finally a new type of game: Moving Maze! Your mission is to navigate the maze to find the exit and collect as many powerups as possible to increase your score while the maze is changing around you! You will have to use your wits to anticipate situations that can block you from the exit and avoid them and the clock is ticking. The faster you think the faster your score increases from round to round!


Pirates Caribbean Jump Pirates Caribbean Jump v1.0

Surge & bounce your way to the top of the tower to plunder the pirate treasure.


Extreme Snake Extreme Snake v1.0

Not just your ordinary snake game. Your snake grows longer and longer and complicates the maze.
Controle your snake to eat your way to victory!


Flashcards eLearning Flashcards eLearning v1.0

Flashcards eLearning system helps you find your way through your exams. Write down questions and answers, get statistics about your knowledge


Color Pins Color Pins v1.0

Color Pins is an incredible way to boost imagination and creativity of your children. Your kids will enjoy creating shapes with different colored thumbtacks. Free the artist in you and become nostalgic creating great scenes!


Find My Phone!!! Find My Phone!!! v1.3.5

Find My Phone!!! is an easy way for you to locate your misplaced phone, all you have to do is send a simple text and your phone's volume will be turned all the way up allowing an alarm to be heard

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Tracked! Tracked! vV1.061

‘Tracked!’ is a new innovative program with several tracking methods to retrieve your stolen or lost android device. It can intercept all incoming messages. If the incoming message is equal to the code that you input, than ‘Tracked!’ will automatically activate the code. With the inbuilt FTP Manager, you will be able to view all recorded sounds, photos, GPS Maps and more at any time, on any computer! The app has been tried on numerous devices and the GPS Tracking works extremely well.


LabyboxHD LabyboxHD v1.0.0

Make your way with your ball moving boxes and do not get stuck in dead ends.


SMS Contest SMS Contest v1.10

The cheapest way to make a SMS Contest. Use SMS Contest to make SMS polls, to make sweepstakes, to make a survey, and get the results instantly in the easyest way without any extra cost.


Cute Clock Cute Clock v1.00


** Please put screen in Portrait mode before setting wallpaper! Once it is set, you can put it in Landscape! **

Cute Clock... Pink! Turquoise! What time is it? Do you really want to strain your eyes looking all the way to the top of your screen just to know? Of course not! Tell time the fun way, with Cute Clock!

* Super cute clock really tells time!
* The best colors!
* Stylish original design!


Funny Fruit Funny Fruit v1.0

Help funny Fruit EAT!! Catch and Explode your way through amazing levels and add up all your points as you go. Very fun games will provide hours of fun!!


Dream Pony - Dress Up Dream Pony - Dress Up v1.1.9

Have you ever wondered how perfect would be to have your own pony? With Dream Pony you can create your pony the way you've always wanted.


Santa Flying Challenge Santa Flying Challenge v1.0

Help Santa flying in his sleigh to catch up many gift boxes as you can! Avoid enemies in your way.


What to eat? What to eat? v1.1

Diet is a key risk factor for heart disease and one of the easiest to change, with a little knowledge. Here we give you a fun way to learn. Take our healthy diet quiz to see how well you would do.


Phone Light Phone Light v1.0

Do you need to light the way in the night? Phone light application will easily handle this and many more different tasks which require light.


Shapes Shapes v1.1.2

Use your brain and make a shape of these dots.