LetterWars LetterWars v0.18.4

Challenge your friends in this awesome round based game of letters and words.


TV Memory TV Memory v1.6

TV Memory is a memory game with 90 levels. You are shown a sequence of coloured symbols after which you need to complete the pattern. Each level awards 50 points. Bonus points are awarded for completing each level quickly. This game may drive you insane. Levels start of easy and progessively get much more difficult.


Boxed Out Boxed Out v1.3

Boxed Out is a classic strategy game reinvented for smartphones and tablets. The objective is simple; get more boxes than your opponent to win the game. Score boxes by completing the last side of each box. Play with a friend or against the computer that offers three challenging levels of difficulty.


Photuzzle Photuzzle v5.2.008

Any photo, Any puzzle. Photuzzle turns your OWN photos into a jigsaw or slider!


Imaginary Jigsaw Puzzle Imaginary Jigsaw Puzzle v1.5

Maybe the BEST DESIGNED jigsaw puzzle game on the market!


Pudding Monsters Pudding Monsters v1.2.9

Sticky, curious… and DETERMINED TO GET BIGGER!

From the makers of Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure with wacky characters and innovative stick-'em-together game-play.


Magnetic Gems Magnetic Gems v1.0

Great game for all fans of bubble shooters and jewel puzzles.


French Scrabble Expert French Scrabble Expert v1.4

French Scrabble Expert is French anagram tool for word games like Scrabble, Wordfeud or Angry Words.


Pyatnashki Xmas Pyatnashki Xmas v2.0

Pyatnashki Xmas is a Christmas themed version of well known game “puzzle fifteen” with different level difficulty. Goal of the game is complete image by moving its separate parts. Main characters of this version of game are heroes of holiday.


Find The Cat Find The Cat v3.1

Find the cat is a fun hidden object game where your mission is to find the hidden cats in the pictures before you can proceed to the next level.

Just keep searching the before the time runs out. You can also pinch the screen to zoom in or out to see more clearly.

Can you find the cat in time or will kitty beat you? Let's find out by downloading the game now!


Puzzle Bubble Puzzle Bubble v1.0

A real fun game, full of tricks and complexities. In simple, this Puzzle Bubble game is brain teaser.


Jewel Diamond Jewel Diamond v2.0.99

Jewel Diamond impile and combine colors to gain points and survive!


Word Rocket Word Rocket v1.3

A word finding game with a few interesting twists!


Space Bubble Shooter Space Bubble Shooter v2.00

Shoot bubbles, match colors and solve addictive levels in this fun bubble shooter game for everyone. With physics effects and trance music it is the most original bubble shooter game for Android.


Words Don't Come Easy Words Don't Come Easy v2.0.2

"Words Don't Come Easy" is a word puzzle game where you drag letters on a board to form words. Whenever you have one or multiple words you can clear them by double tapping on them. The goal is to clear all letters from the playing board.


MahjongTris MahjongTris v1.4.1

Mahjong Tris is a casual game with mahjong tiles falling from top down.


GramaMix GramaMix v1.82

GramaMix is ​​the wordsearch game the most advanced on the market!


Egg Crusher Egg Crusher v3.2



Crush the eggs through chain reaction. Earn golden eggshells to unlock levels. Just play through the game... or prove that you can get all golden eggshells for minimum crush count! Achieve 100% completion.

You can play each level individually or just play through the game. Use the replay mode to analyze your last attempt. Select different board skins: default, black & white, and pacifier.


Memory Game - Pastry Memory Game - Pastry v2.0

Memory Game - Pastry is a cute memory game. Memory Game - Pastry can help to improve your memory and brain power. Rule of this game is simple: tap to flip the pastry images and match them up. Be hurry because this game will record your play time and if you are fast enough, you'll make it to the high score leader board.


Trap Balls Trap Balls v3.2.1

Simple and addictive. Test your finger skills and brain skills.
4 Worlds, total 324 levels, free to play! Global leaderboards!