ToDoid ToDoid v1.5.1

Application for planning your tasks.


AndTask AndTask v2.3

AndTask is an easy-to use task management software,it allows you to switch on or off running programs/apps/services.


AndTerm AndTerm v1.3

AndTerm - Android super terminal

It is a super terminal to send command and manage your android system.


Version 1.2
1) Fix the previous version of the bug
2) Add "Prev cmd","Su cmd" button
1) 修复了上一个版本的错误
2) 新增“上条命令”,“Su命令”按钮

Version 1.3
1) Fix the error can not scroll
2) Add "Keyboard","Clean" button
1) 修改无法滚动浏览的错误
2) 新增“键盘”,“清空”按钮


Grocery Ally Lite Grocery Ally Lite v2.3.0

Grocery Ally is your friend in managing and tracking your grocery purchases. Use it to plan your next shopping trip and monitor your purchased items with a simple yet intuitive interface.


Subdroid Subdroid v0.9.3

You might also find the latest version of subdroid at: (in case i forgot to update it here).

Howto video:
Now supports browsing of svn repositories.
Just longpress on SVN repository name and choose browse.

Donate Version without ads and extended features available in android market.

Please report any bugs.


MoneyDroid Free MoneyDroid Free v2.9.1.5

MoneyDroid is an easy and fast to use finance application to keep track of your daily spendings.

*Quick and easy entries
*Quick and easy entries
*Payment cycles
*Deferred payment
*CSV export

*More charts
*Cash flow
*CSV import
*Quicken export
*Cycle edit
*Statusbar Not.
*CSV/QIF import
*Password protection


MindWallet MindWallet v1.0.6

MindWallet Tablet is the best free password and private data management solution for Tablet devices.


FinKalk 2011 FinKalk 2011 v2011.01

Finanční kalkulačka je zjednodušená mzdová kalkulačka pro rok 2011. Uchazeči slouží k rychlému výpočtu čisté mzdy, podnikateli k výpočtu celkových mzdových nákladů na pracovní sílu.


Multi Mount SD-Card Lite Multi Mount SD-Card Lite v2.10

With Multi Mount SD-card you can access to your SD-card from your
computer and PC simultaneous.


Android Time Tracker Android Time Tracker v1.3

Android Time Tracker 2.0 (ATT) Is your precious time companion.

With ATT you can track all yours activities. ATT is very useful for people who need to track yours every days activities . How much time you spent on work, gym, travel,play. Generating PDF reports.
Tested:Android Os 1.6-2.2.

Apps is free and those permissions are needed for advertise.


Profile Manager Profile Manager v1.3

Users can create, edit and delete multiple profiles that alter the settings of their phone.

The scheduler automatically activates which profile should be used at any given time, date or even at which level of remaining battery power.


Congés & Co Congés & Co v1.4.4

Congés & Co vous permet de gérer vos congés: acquisition, récaputilatif, création de nouveaux types de congé.


Spell Checker Spell Checker v1.23

A spell checker application to easily spell check text as well as put in some simple html features and then send it off to your favorite application. Allows other developers to easily integrate this editor into their applications with intents.

*Permission required for ads
*Not all applications will accept html text


WIP Appstore Wiki WIP Appstore Wiki v1.1

WipJam's latest app


CRMdroid CRMdroid v1.1

Mobile CRM for sales professionals who receive more than a few calls a day. Supports in-call operation, detailed call logs and contacts management, call-back & meetings appointments, synchronization with Google Calendar, import & export database to/from Google Docs for back-up and collaboration. User-defined data fields, etc.


QOTG Lite (BETA) QOTG Lite (BETA) v0.10 BETA

Quote On The Go is the first of its kind application for the Android Platform. It is a Project Manager that allows to create Projects and send the Quotes to your clients regardless of where you are.


Grocery Boy (Free version) Grocery Boy (Free version) v1.5

How often do you go shopping, only to find out you forgot the list at home?! Since your Android is now a permanent appendage on your body, this app makes it easy for you to remember your grocery list. When you run out of something at home, plug it into Grocery Boy. When you shop, Grocery Boy is there! Thank you Grocery Boy!


MobileKnox MobileKnox v2.1.0

MobileKnox is a password manager with many features:
* Encryption standard AES
* Search
* Categories
* Automatic lock
* Generate passwords by shaking the phone
* Synchronization with free DesktopKnox
* Lists entries used nearby
* Import
* Export
* SD card installation

For more information visit


LED Flashlight Widget LED Flashlight Widget v2.0

Simple and efficient flashlight widget!
Turn ON/OFF LED light.


Visa QIWI Wallet Visa QIWI Wallet v2.2.2

Visa QIWI Wallet – это удобная платёжная система, с помощью которой вы можете оплачивать тысячи товаров и услуг в режиме онлайн, большинство – без комиссии.