List Wizard List Wizard v1.2

ListWizard is designed to help you create and manage more professional and complex lists. Whether it's a checklist, numbered list/bullet list or simple spreadsheet, we got it covered. Great for all kinds of lists(shop list, pack list...), notes, book keeping and documentation. For todo manager, check out Checkmark instead.



SMS2PC is an application that rapidly allows you to send and receive messages using your phone from your computer.


Now And Then Now And Then v4.0.4

Wondering how long until your next birthday? How long ago was Easter? Now And Then is a date calculator that will find the time between two dates. You can also use it in calculator mode to add or subtract time from a date to see what date you get as a result.


Photaf Photaf v3.2.0

Create a 3D panorama easily
by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken.


JUB Words JUB Words v1.4.0

Create a word list and select the word from the list to display. Designed to help a person communicate when speaking was not possible. Simple app, but effective. Can also be used for sight words when children start spelling.


Checklist Lite Checklist Lite v1.5

Yeno Checklist allows you to bring your checklists with you, wherever you are. You can create and edit your own customized collection of checklists right from your phone. Designed to fit aircraft checklists needs.

Free, ad-supported version.

Visit our website for more info, screenshots and instructions:


Libretto Universitario Libretto Universitario v1.0.1

This software is designed exclusively for students of Italian universities.


MemoDroid MemoDroid v2.0.1

Memory training tool. Utilizes "spaced repetition" theory to manage intervals for every item based on your responses in previous repetitions in order to boost the efficiency of your learning.
Import SuperMemo data including learning progress.

Optimized release package, added about dialog and relocated ads


CrazyRedial FREE CrazyRedial FREE v1.2.1

CrazyRedial helps you to redial someone automatically.


Clipper Clipper v1.1.11

Clipper is a free, easy-to-use clipboard manager.


CrazySMS CrazySMS v1.0.0

CrazySMS helps you to automatic resend sms in specially designated frequency.


Task List Task List v2.5

Get organized now! Task List is an effective and intuitive ToDo list app.


Flashcards eLearning Flashcards eLearning v1.0

Flashcards eLearning system helps you find your way through your exams. Write down questions and answers, get statistics about your knowledge


MindWallet MindWallet v1.2.1

MindWallet is the best free password and private data management solution.


Locate a Lawyer Locate a Lawyer v1.3

Locate a Lawyer is’s free mobile application created to help you find Lead Counsel rated attorneys and law firms nationwide.


Photaf Photaf v3.0.9

Pro version with no ads.
Create a 3D panorama easily
by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor to know the exact angle each picture was taken.


Quickcopy Quickcopy v0.8.1

A copy paste application that manages frequently used text snippets. Snippets can be copied to the clipboard with one touch.


buddyCount buddyCount v1.3.1

buddyCount is a tool to manage expenses between friends.

If you're living with roommates, taking a trip with friends or planning a party, buddyCount will help you track the users' expenses and debts.

Send accounts' balances by mail or texts to your friends.


My-Todolist - online (c) 2010 by My-Todolist - online (c) 2010 by v1.9.7

Manage your own ToDo-List direct on your Android and your Browser

- categorisation
- prioritisation
- daylist
- widget for daylist
- SD-Card import / export functionality
- Online Synchronisation with

Available in german and englisch


My Home Page My Home Page v1.0.3 Beta

A unique app that allows you to customize your browser's home page using your favorite links so they are easily accessible. You can organize them into folders and enjoy several home page themes and styles.