Mushroomer Bob Mushroomer Bob v1.0

Help Bob find all mushrooms


Leo Western Leo Western v1.0

Now Leo is in the Western. Leo is going on a new adventure and needs your help.


ChickenKingRun ChickenKingRun v1.5.1

Chicken King Run is a funny jumping and running game with cool graphism.


Fruit Memory Fruit Memory v1.1

Do you trust your memory ? It's hard to finish 100 levels.


HPL HPL v1.0.5

HPL (Hardcore Platformer League) is a skill-based platform game that is all about fun tricks and speedrunning.


Country Girl Country Girl v1

Country Girl is a new Side-scrolling game

The game currently supports English and Chinese only


Hero Prince Hero Prince v2.2

Evil is coming, so it's time for real heroes!


Below the Known Below the Known v8.7.7

Enter the World of the Unknown and fight for your life.


Meatball Dash Meatball Dash v1.1

Run across this action packed terrain full of traps as a Meatball!

Roll and escape to a place where all meatballs are happy~

Do you have what it takes to bring Mr Meatball out from danger?


Doughty Spartan Doughty Spartan v1.16

In this game you have the opportunity to become a spartan whose main goal is to take revenge on all enemies.


Gravity in Space Gravity in Space v1.0.0

Gravity exists in space !! What? Impossible ? .. Check it yourself in "Gravity in Space".
Gravity in Space is an addictive game, and great to challenge your friends with your high score.


Dark Runner 3 Dark Runner 3 v1.1.3

Get ready to run for the survival!! Dark Runner 3 - sequel to our highly popular game Dark Runner 2 is bigger, better and breathtaking! Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the ruined citadels and the delighted forest!


Cubimal Adventures Cubimal Adventures v1

Princess Gwendolyn is in trouble. An evil magician cursed her and she has to remain in ghost form until someone collects the reagents for an antidote. Help her through the levels and collect everything.


Paper Run Paper Run v1.0.4

Try to survive as long as you can without getting sucked into the hole! Collect coins and powerups as you run for your life! The hole gets stronger the longer you try to escape.


Turbo Tire Turbo Tire v1.3

If You Like Speed... If You Like Dangers... You Will Love This Game...


Legend of a Chicken Legend of a Chicken v1

Hundreds of chicken are being held captive by evil men!

Our heroic chicken undertakes the task to free all of them through various action packed levels that require quick reflexes and clever timing.

The game is a horizontal and vertical platform game with lots of real physics and funny instances.

This free version includes 10 of the 40 stages of the full game (to be released in July).


60s Survival Quest 60s Survival Quest v1.0.1

A game about surviving from hardest environment ever.


Jewel Collector Jewel Collector v1.0

JUMP RUN Collect Jewel
And enjoy 20 extra ordinary level.

Help that poor thief to get points


Sliding-Ball Sliding-Ball v2.18.156

Sliding-Ball is a game with which you will not be bored! Great music and interesting levels not let you get bored! In the game you have to control the ball. Overcome challenging and interesting obstacles to pass the levels. Also at this point in the game there are 3 types of difficulty and 18 levels. Be careful and cautious, because every level the game becomes harder and desire to pass other levels becomes even more. Put records and compete with friends.


Veggie Combos Veggie Combos v1.18

Vegetables are falling from the sky!
Try to catch them in certain combs to get as high score as possible.