100 Floors 2013 100 Floors 2013 v1.18

Challenge yourself in this fun and popular puzzle game
Solve the puzzle and advance to the next floor. Be the one to reach the topfloor and tell your friends about it. In this game logical solutions are in focus.


The Scratch Quiz The Scratch Quiz v1.0

Are you really as good as you think at guessing what pictures are?


Find It MEGA Find It MEGA v3.7

Find it releases the MEGA PACK with more than 150 PHOTO PAIRS!
This is the biggest Find the Difference game in market.


Know Your Flags Know Your Flags v1.1.1

A quiz game for the flag enthusiast. With various levels of difficulty and countless flags to pounder upon, Know Your Flag will keep you quizzing for a long time.


Memory Test Memory Test v1.0.8

Memory Test is a Fantastic game to train your memory.Memory Test is perfect for kids to learn fruit and numbers and for fully grown people to keep trained the memory.



Memory Cards Memory Cards v1.2.0

Regular trainings will help you dramatically improve your memory and attention.


Kids Games Kids Games v2.0.0

These Kids games were designed with the whole of the family in mind. Children and parents can test both their memories and reflexes together. The Kids games are fun for even a 2 year old with its easy to understand goals and user interface.


My Brain My Brain v1.0

My Brain - Train your brain - every minute, every day


RingsPuzzle RingsPuzzle v1.0

Rings Puzzle.

Hundreds of variants of the game.
From an trivially easy to almost impossible.


Photo Puzzle Photo Puzzle v1.1

PhotoPuzzle is a perfect puzzle game to occupy the brain for kids and adults alike. Solve the puzzles if you can.
FREE to play.


Steam Cards 2 Steam Cards 2 v1.0.5

ENHANCED version of Steam Cards!
* Two modes of play. For fans of action and thinking.
* Daily and in-game rewards to help achieve highest levels.
* Resizable game area for any type of screen.
* Nice graphic and fun gameplay.
* Russian, Chinese languages support.


Celebrity Quiz Celebrity Quiz v1.8

Think you know your Christina from your Ke$ha, your Robert Downey from your Robbie Williams…? Now’s the time to test your celeb knowledge with Celebrity Quiz!

Install it now - one guess and you’ll be hooked!


Animation Movies Animation Movies v1.0

Do you like animation movies?
Enjoy guessing popular movies with only one image.


Wrecked Picture Wrecked Picture v1.41

Make a great picture! Watch out for explosions - your picture will be wrecked!

Great picture puzzle game with great explosions!


Photuzzle Photuzzle v5.2.008

Any photo, Any puzzle. Photuzzle turns your OWN photos into a jigsaw or slider!


Find The Cat Find The Cat v3.1

Find the cat is a fun hidden object game where your mission is to find the hidden cats in the pictures before you can proceed to the next level.

Just keep searching the before the time runs out. You can also pinch the screen to zoom in or out to see more clearly.

Can you find the cat in time or will kitty beat you? Let's find out by downloading the game now!


Memory Game - Pastry Memory Game - Pastry v2.0

Memory Game - Pastry is a cute memory game. Memory Game - Pastry can help to improve your memory and brain power. Rule of this game is simple: tap to flip the pastry images and match them up. Be hurry because this game will record your play time and if you are fast enough, you'll make it to the high score leader board.


PhotoPuzzle PhotoPuzzle v1.8

Solve the slide puzzle.

to be reviewed (published)

Animals Memory Game For Kids Animals Memory Game For Kids v2.5

Animals Memory Game For Kids is a highly addictive game. This game will help to train your memory ability. It's easy to play this game. You just have to tap to flip the animal cards and match them up. Animals Memory Game For Kids will record your game play time and rank them accordingly. Have fun to play along with your kids to beat each other's best time.


Classic Mahjong Classic Mahjong v2.6

Classic Mahjong is a collection of 19 solitaire games where
the player should remove all pieces from the game board.