2 Pics 1 Phrase 2 Pics 1 Phrase v1.0.5

More word fun for those who enjoyed 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle! Look at two pictures and guess a popular phrase, expression or idiom.


Scratch Game Scratch Game v1.03

Your child will be enchanted as they reveal hidden magical pictures


Picture Puzzles Plus Picture Puzzles Plus v1.2

more than 100 beautiful picture puzzles to solve in 3 different modes.


Matching Matching v1.8

Try our new puzzle game!, 100 puzzle level and a lot of challenge


Picture Puzzles Picture Puzzles v1.1

50 beautiful picture puzzles to solve in 3 different modes.


FruitTiles FruitTiles v1.5

Group fruit tiles two by two until there are no more tiles left.


Animal Puzzle Animal Puzzle v1.3

Animal Puzzle is a great puzzle game for the youngest audience.


Tetravex Tetravex v1

TetraVex is an edge-matching puzzle. The player is presented with a grid (by default, 4x4) and sixteen square tiles, each with a color on each edge. The objective of the game is to place the tiles in the grid in the proper position as fast as possible. Two tiles can only be placed next to each other if the color on adjacent faces match.


Brain Trainer Space Memory Brain Trainer Space Memory v1.8

A simple card memory puzzle game, has four levels of difficulty so not only children but also adults will find something in it for themselves. The game has a few themes with a separate graphics and music, so you can solve puzzles and practice thematically selected memory cards.


Puzzled Puzzled v1.0.2

Solve infinite puzzles using your own pictures!


Mysteries of Life Mysteries of Life v1.0.7

This is a spot the difference/find the difference game, called Mysteries of Life


WhatIsDifferent WhatIsDifferent v1.1.0

What is Different is a Find It style game; just spot the difference between the two presented images!

Do not think you’ll just walk through all the images within a minute though! What is Different contains three levels. Starting with the ‘easier’ images in level one, to the brain-cracking third level!

Each level has its own online -world-wide- leaderboard! Do you think you can reach a top 10 score?


Xmas Tree Xmas Tree v1.2014.69

Dress up the Xmas Tree beauty! Christmas game for kids and adults!


Baby Puzzle Baby Puzzle v2.6

Baby Puzzle is a great puzzle game for the youngest audience.


Slide 15 Slide 15 v1.0.6

Move those tiles, fight the entropy, put them in order.


Champions League Stars Champions League Stars v1.08

Game for real lovers of football!
The game offers guess the stars of the Champions League 2013-2014 year.
Consider yourself an expert on football? Answer the 15 question quiz and test your knowledge!


Find The Differences Find The Differences v1.5

Find the 10 differences between the 2 pictures.


Mega Slide Puzzle Mega Slide Puzzle v1.4.4

Picture slide puzzle (also known as puzzle 15) with 208 unique pictures.


Guess Mosaic Guess Mosaic v1.0.0

Look at the scrambled picture puzzle and try to guess the word. Tap on the picture tiles to switch their positions and reveal a portion of the original image. Look at the picture and guess the word! Get together and have a good family fun! Special hint: if you get stuck, ask your kids to help you. You'll be surprised by what they can do!


Best Memory 4 Kids Best Memory 4 Kids v2.1.1

Memory board game designed for children of all ages