Ink Adventures Ink Adventures v1.0

Ink Adventures is a interesting and skillful game ,designed with clear2D style ,flexible rhythm and relaxed music, players can easily get a sense of achievement when they success leading the ink to the ink bottle with a perfect route figured by your finger!


Bomb the Monsters Bomb the Monsters v1.2

Do you like fun game apps? Would you like to bomb monster? Do you like to blow stuff up?
Awesome game, download now! This game is the bomb!


PushPanic PushPanic v1.6.11

Tap the blocks to blast combinations off the screen before the pile of blocks reaches the red panic bar and topples over! Push Panic includes 75 intense levels. Each of the four exhilarating game modes introduces explosive new challenges!


MAZEdness MAZEdness v1.4

Feel the true MAZEdness! Play using accelerometer to find the exit from each maze as fast as possible.

The faster you are, more stars you will collect and will be able to unlock more upcoming levels! Have fun!


The Domingos The Domingos v1.00

An award winning game for the Cold Blooded Puzzlers


Penalty Puzzle Challenge Penalty Puzzle Challenge v2.0.0

Enjoy the adventure of this puzzle soccer game


BrickDown3D BrickDown3D v1.1

Your mission in this game is quite simple, you need to knock down all the green objects on the platform for a limited number of throws.


Shapies Shapies v1.0.8

Shapies are about to collapse, stack them up and save them!

This addictive physics-based stacker will entertain all ages along more than 80 free levels.

Shapies is a free physics-based puzzle stacker game for Android, in which you have to arrange and stack various types of shapes on one another in such away that shapes don’t collapse. It will hold your attention in such a way that you keep on playing the game level after level.

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Hungry Bobo Hungry Bobo v1.08

The little penguin Bobo is hungry!
As he eats more, he grows bigger.
Help Bobo to collect all the candy, but watch his size in this tricky puzzler.


Basket the Ball Basket the Ball v1

An addictive Physic games with 20 level


Aiming Balls Aiming Balls v1.1

Great physics game.


Predict a Ball Predict a Ball v1.0.25

guess which square a ball will collide with.


CandyCraze CandyCraze v1.04

Welcome to Candy Craze, a delicious world filled full of candy!


PowerRabbits PowerRabbits v1.0.4

Battle Frogging is back! Frogs vs Rabbits! The forest is too small for both! Those rabbits think they can win, but the Frogs will show them who is the boss here!


Save the Snail Save the Snail v2.1

It's only up to you to find a way how to solve dozens of puzzles and tricky situations. Are you clever enough to make it? Find it out yourself while passing through exciting 24 levels.


Dots: Chain Reaction Dots: Chain Reaction v1.3.2

Start a reaction and watch it grow!


Sort It Out Sort It Out v0.07

Good old 15 puzzle with intergrated physics.


Toy Truck Parking Pro Toy Truck Parking Pro v1.0.1

Toy Truck Parking is a free kids puzzle game that lets you enjoy the fun of controlling a tiny toy truck. Challenge your peers and friends in this tricky and fun puzzle game to make the monster truck flow freely.
It is time to learn problem solving and have fun in this creative bridge puzzle truck parking non 3d game for kids and elders as well.


Kick The Ball! Kick The Ball! v8.8

Be the star in this addictive soccer puzzle game and compete with players around the globe! Now with 15 exiting brazilian style bonus levels!


Unstable Xmas tree - trial Unstable Xmas tree - trial v1.0

You should decorate the Christmas tree, but it is quite unstable. Your goal is to place all of the decoration elements while the balance of the tree must be kept.