1 Pop Smile 1 Pop Smile v1.0

This is a rather simple yet very addicting game where all you have to do is to pop any 2 or more adjacent similar smileys (bubbles) and make them burst.


All about Apple All about Apple v1.0

Watch out for the latest info about Apple
* Twitter Tweets
* Facebook pages, posts
* Latest News from popular news channels
* Youtube videos
* About Apple

NOTE: As you browse through the app, press back once to stop loading, press back again to main menu.


Media Budget Media Budget v1.0

Media Budget is a financial app that lets you organize your game, movie, music, and book purchases, and keep track of how much you are spending. Use the Total Price to know how much the item cost you in total, and the Total Due to keep track of what you owe minus any deposits!

-Sort by year, month, or week
-Keep track of any pre-order deposits
-Auto-calculate the amount due including tax, gift cards, and deposits.
-Keep a log of notes for each item


Steampunk Steampunk v1.0

Steampunk Theme for GolauncherEx. Gears, steam, cogs and pulleys.


Speech Defect Counter Speech Defect Counter v1.0.1

I guess everybody has made at least one tally sheet about stupid words or rethorical questions of a teacher in his/her life.

But paper is outdated - so you should use an App for that task :)

Notice: This App is nothing else than a tally sheet and it doesn't want to be more - but please feel free to write suggestions for further features as a comment or mail.


DisasterEvents DisasterEvents v1.01

Semi-Real Time XML/RSS data pulled from worldwide disaster incident providers for easy viewing. Incidents which never make the news. Download the source code.


MagpyViewer MagpyViewer v3.2

Мониторинг Ваших детей и сотрудников.
Узнай, кто звонит твоей девушке (ребёнку, маме, другу...)
Удалённый контроль входящих и исходящих соединений телефона.


رصيد stc رصيد stc v1.0

طريقة سريعة لفحص الرصيد لمشتركي سوا


Rassd Rassd v3.0

it's an android application that is linked to Rassd's Facebook page which choose the last 10 updates in Rassd's page. It also enables you to write a comment and share the news with your friends. You will also be able to contact Rassd's team directly through this application because it enables you to send e-mails to the working team directly from the application


رصيد رصيد v1.0

طريق سهله و سريع لفحص الرصيد لأصحاب الشرائح مسبقة الدفع سواءا الاتصالات السعودية او موبايلي او زين


رصيد زين رصيد زين v1.0

طريق سهلة و سريع لمعرفة الرصيد و مباشرة من الشاشة الرئيسية للجوال لأصحاب الشرائح مسبقة الدفع من شركة زين للإتصالات


رصيد موبايلي رصيد موبايلي v1.0

طريق سهلة و سريع لمعرفة الرصيد و مباشرة من الشاشة الرئيسية للجوال لأصحاب الشرائح مسبقة الدفع من شركة موبايلي للإتصالات


ServerBartQuinten v.2 ServerBartQuinten v.2 v0.21.13266.67396

The official app of the site www.serverbartquinten.tk


Straits Times Straits Times v1.5.8

The Straits Times Android Smartphone App features the Print Edition and latest News, Stocks, Weather and Photos now available in your hands with just a touch of your finger.


Easy Photo Editor Easy Photo Editor v0.3.28

Easy Photo Editor gives you easy access to photo editing features right on your phone.


Denver Basketball! Denver Basketball! v1.0

Denver Nuggets headlines.


Oklahoma City Basketball Oklahoma City Basketball v1.0

Oklahoma City Thunder Hoops.


Philadelphia Basketball Philadelphia Basketball v1.0

Philadelphia 76ers Basketball.


Clean Clock Widget Clean Clock Widget v1.0.1

Clean Clock Widget ... Simple and clean looking Clock.


Berry Pink Keyboard Berry Pink Keyboard v1.0

Pink Berry Style Keyboard Theme...you can almost feel the feedback!!!