Noticias de Paraguay Noticias de Paraguay v1.0

Los mejores titulares informativos desde Paraguay al alcance de tus manos vía Android.


Geeky Deals Geeky Deals v2.0

This app showcases ThinkGeek's new products, updated products, and clearance products. As a bonus, it provides the latest ThinkGeek blog titles.


Best Deal Best Deal v1.3.14

This app helps you decide what is more advantageous: a down payment or installments!

If you leave the down payment value invested, will you get a higher interest rate than the installment embedded interest rate?

If the answer is "YES", then it is worth chosing installments, because you will earn more than the interest charged.

If the answer is "NO", it is better to pay cash.



Mystikal Theme Mystikal Theme v1.5

Blue themes Android for Go Launcher Ex
Version 1.1


Altın ve Döviz Altın ve Döviz v2.1

En güncel döviz kurları ile altın fiyatlarına ulaşabileceğiniz bir uygulama.


CrazyAd CrazyAd v1.0

I guess this application is the only special one in all android markets.
Will you see it?
Are you ready?


A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia v1.0.2

Application Of "A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia"


FireWorks Game Demo FireWorks Game Demo v17.0

Demo version.

The best Firewroks Game.
35 levels.
International scores.


Technology Deals Daily Technology Deals Daily v3.0

DinoDirect.com is one of the premier retailers in the E-business field. With competitive prices and real time service, DinoDirect.com provides all categories of high-quality products on over 120,000 items, such as household gadgets, electronic products, fashion dresses, home & garden, wedding dress & accessories and much more.


Just Cause 2 Theme Just Cause 2 Theme v1.0

JUST CAUSE 2 Theme for panda home, ahome, open home.
Includes every possible modification (carefully made) including the clock, contacts default pic, all the possible icons and ofcourse the dockbar (the tab which opens the menu) and the sidebars.


CyanogenMod News CyanogenMod News v1.0

an application to stay up-to-date with CyanogenMod latest news.
This Application is using CyanogenMod RSS feeds to get this content.


Banking News Banking News v1.0

News and information about Banking from major newspapers and websites.


Sierra Leone Press Sierra Leone Press v1.0

Use your Android phone to keep up with the latest news from Sierra Leone.


Androidiano Androidiano v2.1

L'applicazione ufficiale di Androidiano.com


Swiss Watches Book Swiss Watches Book v1.0.3

This widget displays watches from Swiss watches collection. We update collection periodically. Send to our e-mail watches you would add to the collection.


2011 Pro Tennis (Ad-Supported) 2011 Pro Tennis (Ad-Supported) v1.0

Up-to-the-minute news and stats for the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the most important tennis events of the year in terms of world ranking points, tradition, prize-money awarded, and public attention.


arabic weather arabic weather v5

آخر أخبار الطقس و توقعاته و النشرات الجوية للمنطقتنا العربية ... كل هذا بالعربية


Discount Me! Discount Me! v1.2

Do you have difficulties calculating the final price of an item after discounts and taxes, or if you just want the result faster than calculating it in your mind? Then Discount Me! is your new best friend. Just enter the amount and discounts' percentage and it will automatically tell you the final price and the amount you've saved.

+ Detailed Reports screen
+ Detailed Settings screen


News Wave Light News Wave Light v1.8.2

Simple, Quick and clean reader for all your favorite newspapers and sources!


Puerto Rico Noticias Puerto Rico Noticias v1.0

Noticias desde Puerto Rico para Android.