Mobile Soccer Coach (Pro) Mobile Soccer Coach (Pro) v1.1

Mobile Soccer Coach is the ultimate mobile application for managing your soccer team on your Android powered device. It is perfect for coaches or parents at all levels: Youth, High School, Club, Premier, even College. Track your entire team's or even just your child's stats.


Exec Assist POP/IMAP lib Exec Assist POP/IMAP lib v0.4 BETA

This is a library add-on for Executive Assistant that provides POP/IMAP email support. This is not an app and cannot be launched.

IMPORTANT: Install Executive Assistant BEFORE installing this.

** Please email us if you have any problems. **


SlideME SlideME v6.36

The SlideME Application Manager (SAM) app provides access to a curated list of the very best of Android applications available from SlideME. All our apps are manually approved and tested on a wide variety of devices, to make sure you get the best experience possible on your device, from your device.


NotesTheme NotesTheme v1.0

A wonderful sticky notes theme.


SimpleWhite SimpleWhite v1.0

A simple yet beautiful white and black theme.


Smooth Theme Smooth Theme v1.0

A simple yet beautiful smooth theme for Android.


Portes Ouvertes CPLN 2010 Portes Ouvertes CPLN 2010 v2.01

Portes ouvertes CPLN 2010 : Application sondage.


RT Rate Loan Calculator (Free) RT Rate Loan Calculator (Free) v3.0

Loan Calculator with real time mortgage rate feed for Canada and USA markets. "What if" calculation for different loan parameters. Can store a Loan to phone database.


Maldives Maldives v1.0

Maldives - theme for PandaHome.


G2Android G2Android v1.6.0

Version 1.6.0, 25th of August 2010 Major release¶

* issue #19 zoom feature, using the standard Android gallery app
* issue #45 Deleted image via browser, crashed g2android.
* issue #46 Upload from inside g2android won't do multiple images
* issue #48 Current album is not pre selected when adding a photo to it
* issue #49 when adding a photo, list of albums should be sorted
* issue #57 Uploading images are automatically given a g2android summary and description


Quick Cuts Quick Cuts v1.2.1

Quickcuts is an android application that allows you to reference all of your favorite Microsoft Office shortcuts.

- added more shortcuts.
- added labels for improved navigation.
- more updates coming...


AntipodalPoint Pro AntipodalPoint Pro v2.0

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you went straight down from where you were standing? This application will enable you to look all around the world for funny antipodal points.


AntipodalPoint AntipodalPoint v1.2

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you dug a tunnel straight down from where you were standing? Wonder no more!


Morse Droid Morse Droid v2.1

This application enables you to translate text into Morse Code, morse into text and vibrate the morse code!


Teletext Lite Teletext Lite v2.1.2

Teletext is a ceefax pages viewer.


AstroClock AstroClock v3.0.0

AstroClock visualizes time according to three consistent natural cycles i.e. day, moon and season.
Time is indicated by three hands which each turn once for each cycle.

Install the widget, live wallpaper or live folder on your homescreen or view AstroClock in full screen.
Download a theme to mach your mood or design your own and share it with others.
Enable any of the 12 alerts (4 for each cycle) receive an alert in your notification bar as desired.


aHome: Quick Note aHome: Quick Note v2.1.3

Note extension for aHome! make notes right on the desktop with this widget!

Major Update 2.1.1
Themes and theme selection menu!
Onscreen keyboard!

Fixed Mystery Line

Go to oninteraction.blogspot.com for instructions/help
or email us!

Must have aHome or aHome Lite


John Lander John Lander v

Test for trackball mod to LunarLander sample app.


LocationSample LocationSample v

Mobile device security and device management