Telekinesis Telekinesis v2.0

Use your brain and telekinesis to solve a puzzle game!


Skyscrapers Skyscrapers v1.3

New type of puzzle. Great brain entertainment!


Labyrinth puzzle lite Labyrinth puzzle lite v1.4

The classic Labyrinth game is at your smart phone and tablet now!


Dweebs Dweebs v3.0

The cute alien puzzle game!


ZombiCows Free ZombiCows Free v1.0

Get rid of these zombies cows


A-Maze-Me A-Maze-Me v1.1

A-Maze-Me is a "brain and puzzle" memory-challenging game with simple rules:
- memorize the maze;
- navigate through the maze by removing the stones that block the way;
- find the pears;
- have fun!


ConFusebox ConFusebox v1.0.3

Connect all the wires, and light all the lights. Addictive puzzling!


Thief Mind Free Thief Mind Free v1.05

Thief Mind is a game that challenges your logic, wit and abilities of deduction. Inspired by the classical analog Mastermind (code breaker) and remaked from the point of view of a thief, you will find number combinations, fighting against time with a limited number of attempts.


Doctor Bubble Doctor Bubble v1.0.15

Dr Bubble is a classic bubble shooting game in which you have to form groups of 3 or more Microbes to clear the board entirely.


Connect'Em Connect'Em v1.0.13

You can start but You never be able to stop. If you like Bubble Blast or Mouse Trap, you will fall in love with Connect'Em!

Connect'Em is a puzzle game in which you will have to strategically connect blobs together. Each blob only has a set number of connections available. So you will have to make sure they all connect to each other the right way. Beware the game is very addictive :) For those of you who enjoy math workouts, make sure you take part in this daily mental ritual.


Car Valet Car Valet v1.0.12

Car Valet is a free simple but very addictive puzzle game.

The objective of the game is to get your brand new car out of the way by sliding the other cars, buses and taxis out of the way. You will have to strategically move your car to get out of the traffic jam !
It comes with 2000 puzzles.


Bubble Blast 2 Bubble Blast 2 v1.0.42

You can start but You never be able to stop!
Bubble Blast 2 is a puzzle game in which you burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.

2 game modes are available:
- Puzzle mode with 7000 levels !
- Arcade mode to play freely


Aztec Aztec v1.0.5

Aztec is brain challenging, addictive and fun puzzle game with stunning HD graphics !

Match the pattern shown on the small image, shifting the rows of colorful Aztec-shapes vertically and horizontally. The more you will play the more you will be challenged with more difficult puzzles.


Pyramid Mover Pyramid Mover v2.3

A unique twist on the classic puzzle game Tower of Hanoi!

The Pharaoh needs your help! He must move his pyramids to a new location! But there is a problem. Solve this in 16 exciting levels and achieve the rewards!


Puzzle Cube Puzzle Cube v1.0

Challenge your brain and solve the famous puzzle cube. This is one of the best puzzle cube experiences that fit in your pocket - Enjoy!


Diamond Swipe Diamond Swipe v1.0.15

Diamond Swipe! The best gem swiping game on Android!
Make the longest chain possible and compete against your friends.
Take advantage of spectacular power-ups at your disposal and unlock chests
to get magic items.
Match at least 2 diamonds by swiping over them with your finger. The more diamonds
you match together the bigger the bonus.


Triangle Peg Jump Triangle Peg Jump v1.0.1

Try your hand at an old time Triangle Peg Jump. Watch out, it can get addicting.


4 in a row 4 in a row v1.0.20

4 in a row is a simple but challenging puzzle game.
The goal is to connect a line of four horizontal,vertical,or diagonal discs before your opponent does.

With this 4 in a Line game, you can play with a friend who sits next to you or play against your phone.
Connect 4 pawns to win.


Sum Matrix Puzzle Sum Matrix Puzzle v2.8

Challenge yourself with this addictive, educational and simple math game.

Sum Matrix Puzzle is a free game that will let you exercise your brain, improve your math skills and speed up your reflexes.

Your goal is to tap the right numbers on the Matrix so that the sum is equal to the number shown inside the red pill. Follow the white rabbit as fast as you can and you will get more points.


Filler Filler v2.7

Flood Filler is a fun and colourful game where your objective is to capture more territory than your opponent.