My Notes My Notes v2.0

My Notes are now in the cloud!

Life moves fast. Don't forget a thing, take notes. With My Notes it's easy to create, edit and save notes. You can place sticky notes on your desktop.
A simple notepad notes post-it widget!
Manage your notes with My Notes.
Notes features:
- Sticky Notes Widget
- Add/Edit/Delete Notes
- Sync notes in the cloud
- Add/Edit/Delete notes from a computer http://notes.buzlylabs.com/
Keep your notes in your pocket.


AvTech Roster Info (Beta) AvTech Roster Info (Beta) v1.0.12

AvtTech Roster Info is the only electronic flight logbook software which tracks not only Flights but also Duty, FDP and Rest information.


Whiteboard Whiteboard v1.1

Powerful tool to help people sketch on phones, demonstrate your ideas, keep temporary notes.
You can add different style of color like blur and emboss
- Choose different color of your choice
- Undo/Redo functionality
- Erase functionality
- Clear screen entirely at once


MotorBike Manager MotorBike Manager v1.2

✔Track your fuel fills
✔Multiple motorbike support
✔Track your expenses
✔Date and distance reminders
✔Graphs of your fuel activity
✔Customize application for your own needs


Footprint Footprint v4.0

Ever wonder where your money goes?
Introducing Footprint, the fast and simple expense tracker that records all your personal expenditures.
This all-in-one application includes a variety of features to help manage your finances.


ICAO Codes ICAO Codes v1.2

Contains over 1000 aviation codes and abbreviations (ICAO Doc 8400).


WebReader WebReader v1.0.0

WebReader is the new revolutionary tool for browsing the web and rss feeds for Android smartphones and notebooks


Talking Reminder Talking Reminder v1.4

Welcome to new World of application named as "TALKING REMINDER", gives you some exciting features...

In our busy life, its happen that some IMPORTANT TASK WILL BE UNDONE.At that time this app will helps you.
you can set TITLE and DESCRIPTION along with date and time.

Giving title and Description will sometimes becomes some tedious task, right? Then, RECORD WITH YOUR OWN VOICE.
We also provide you HELP option which describe full content of this app in app menu.


NoteMaster NoteMaster v1.6

NoteMaster is the best notes app ever because it's just like a regular notepad!
Yes, there are lots of Note taking apps for Android. But this might be the handiest one. It’s just like a regular notepad. You can type anything, and you can draw anything from your finger.


JobDiagnosis JobDiagnosis v5.0

Job Seekers: The job search process can sometimes (more often than not) be time-consuming and frustrating.


JobDiagnosis LITE JobDiagnosis LITE v4.0

Job Seekers: The job search process can sometimes (more often than not) be time-consuming and frustrating.


CustomSearch CustomSearch v2.0.2

One Engine To Search Them All!! This application allows you to make searches with almost any web page that allows you to search.


Worktime Log Worktime Log v1.0

Now you can have control over your time you spend at work. Keep track
of your work time.


RSS Reader RSS Reader v1.0.6

Get your hands on the best RSS Reader application! Use News Beat to stay up to date on your favorite news, blogs, and entertainment. This easy to use News reader keeps you in the loop on the go, whether you are online or offline.


Microstock Report Microstock Report v12

Microstock Report - an app for artist telling them their microstock earnings


Grades2Go™ Mobile Grades2Go™ Mobile v2.0.1

Grades2Go Mobile for Android is a companion app for Grades2Go Desktop, the first data platform designed specifically for teachers. Full info is available at mindsparkinc.com.

Much more than a gradebook, Grades2Go has extensive commenting, journaling, PDF reporting, and automated communication capabilities. With teachers under pressure for more accountability and results, Grades2Go is an indispensable professional tool.


Image++ Image++ v1.0

Image processing tool


Shake2call Lite Shake2call Lite v3.1

Shake2call – The speedy & easy way to call!

The best speed dialer you can get!
* Speed dial
* Easy dial
* People widget - just shake and get your favorite contacts screen
* Schedule call reminders - New feature!


SubTasks MultiLevel SubTasks MultiLevel v1.0.3

If your tasks have multi-leveled subtasks, you need SubTasks MultiLevel.


eOrder eOrder v1.1.0

Collect customer orders with phone and send them back to office