File Transfer Lite File Transfer Lite v1.5

Upload or download files to / from your device, from any web browser.
New, you can now send and receive files between Android devices.
Need to send to your PC, 1,100, 200 files, and receive 1, 100, 200 files?, then this is your app.


Ghost Talk Ghost Talk v2.0.3 G

Ghost Talk lets you record yourself and process the recording with different effects to create a talking ghost effect.


Multi DynDNS Updater (Free) Multi DynDNS Updater (Free) v1.5

Programm to Monitor the Device IP and Update the A-Record of Dynamic DNS Enabled domains, at different providers such as Namecheap.com, DynDNS.org, No-IP.org, Strato.com and a lot more in case the device IP has changed.

Both WIFI and Mobile Network is supported by this programm.


Yaclock Yaclock v3.3

Yaclock digital clock widget is yet another digital clock widget .

It is kept as simple as possible and only makes what it should. The time and date on stylish personalized nature show !


Runner Dice Runner Dice v2.3

Runner Dice is a roleplaying dice utility application designed to support players and gamemasters playing Shadowrun 5th edition.


Hooptie Lite Hooptie Lite v1.06

Hooptie Lite was created from the idea that interacting with a vehicle's on-board diagnostics (obd2) system can be much more intuitive, informative, and maybe even enjoyable.

Connect to your vehicle's on-board diagnostics (obd2) system via bluetooth. Read and display various vehicle sensors such as engine codes, engine rpms, engine coolant temperature, vehicle speed, and horsepower.


Hooptie Hooptie v1.06

Connect to your vehicle's on-board diagnostics (obd2) system via bluetooth. Read and display various vehicle sensors such as engine rpms, engine coolant temperature, vehicle speed, horsepower, torque, and estimated instant MPG. Find out why that check engine light is illuminated. Create your own virtual dashboard.

Installing "Hooptie Lite" first to test vehicle compatibility before purchasing Hooptie is highly recommended!


Droid Over Wifi Droid Over Wifi v1.6.3

No wires, no drivers, no cables, no bluetooth only WiFi on a fresh air and browser to connect your Android device with desktop or laptop or even another android device with Droid Over Wifi app installed!
One button to start. Transfer, view, stream, rename, move, delete files and folders immediately over WiFi with any Browser and any OS.


AC: NL Planner AC: NL Planner v4

If you ever have trouble remembering meetings and events in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this is the app for you.


Files Splitter & Joiner Files Splitter & Joiner v1.5.0

File Splitter & Joiner is an application that help you to split and join any files.


Profile Changer Profile Changer v2.0

Profile Changer will change your mobile profile from any mode to any mode just by sending an SMS.


Phone Manager Elite Phone Manager Elite v2

A tool to handle highly used option required on a phone
Profiles , Volume ,Bluetooth , Wi-Fi , Flash ,Auto Sync , Mobile Data and Screen Brightness


ON Color Measure ON Color Measure v1.1

ON COLOR MEASURE is an amazing way to detect and recognized colors by using the camera of your mobile device. It lets you grab a color and save the complete information of the color in the simplest and effective way.


ON 2D Measure ON 2D Measure v1.1

ON 2D-CameraMeasure is a powerful tool for object length, angle, area, diameter and dimension measuring. It lets you make measurement on any objects on a 2D plane. It can be used as or even replace ruler and measuring tape in many situation where the traditional measuring method is not enough or difficult to apply.


ON Level ON Level v1.1

ON LEVEL is the most precise slope measurement instrument designed to measure the angles of slope, tilt angle, elevation and inclination of object with respect to gravity. It combines two types of spirit level in one app, which is the Bull's Eye Level and Tubular Level.


ON Diameter ON Diameter v1.1

ON DIAMETER is the best diameter measuring tool on android. This measuring tool will help you to measures the diameter and area of any circular objects on the device's screen.


Dimension Store Dimension Store v1.1

ON DIMENSION STORE is the most elegant and powerful application for storing, saving and sharing object dimensions on the android device. It helps you keep in mind the exact dimensions of any objects by just take a photo and quickly write them on it.


ON Tape ON Tape v1.1

ON MEASURING TAPE is a simple and easy to use measuring tool for quick measure of object's length. This flexible ruler helps you conveniently and accurately measures the length of everything with your phone anywhere, anytime.


ON Protractor ON Protractor v1.1

ON PROTRACTOR turn your smart phone into a useful protractor set for quick angle and slope measurement. It helps you measure the angle of everything conveniently and accurately with your phone anywhere, anytime.


ON Ruler ON Ruler v1.1

ON RULER is a helpful measuring tool for quick measure of small object's length. It helps you to measure the dimension of objects conveniently and accurately with your phone at anytime and anywhere.