Name My Number Name My Number v1.2

Lets you memorize numbers easier by creating word associations automatically for you.


Knitting Pal Knitting Pal v1.

Knitting and Crochet Pal (Knitting Pal) is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker that allows you to track multiple knitting or crochet projects. Knitting Pal has a row counter, repeat counter, project timer, notes pages, ruler, a flashlight, and it even displays your knitting pattern on the row counter page.


Hygrometer Hygrometer v1.3

Professional hygrometer on your device. Measure atmospheric relative humidity.


MyCloud MyCloud v1.03

The MyCloud is a service of the Lexicon Software which allows you to access your application's data from anywhere.
Collaborates with applications:
Diploma DS
and soon even more
See more on page www.my-cloud.gr


GrandTools GrandTools v2.1.5

GrandTools-great app for students.


Droid Over Wifi PRO Droid Over Wifi PRO v1.7.3

Pro version of popular application.

If you like free version, then you should try a Droid Over WIfi Pro.

• APP management. Install, Uninstall, Upload and Download installed apps within browser.
• Activity Log. Never miss what you have done. Clicking on files and folder in activity log will automatically select it on file system, so don`t have to look for them.
• New features will be added constantly


Vecorder Vecorder v1.2

Impress your friends by showing them how smart your smart phone can be! Use this app to estimate the height of objects by using the built-in acceleration sensors of your device.


XP Calculator XP Calculator v1.0.1a

XP Calculator shows how many mobs you need to kill to reach level 30. You can also calculate how many ores to mine or smelt to reach your target level. You can adjust your current and your target level using seekbars. Result will be shown automatically when adjusting the seekbars.


AndTFTP AndTFTP v2.04

Android TFTP client and server.


Spirit Level Spirit Level v2.01

Spirit level app. Bull's eye level, roll and pitch gauges, horizontal and vertical Levels, angle gauge. Calibration feature to correct for axis miss-alignment and sensitivity.


Pro Resume Builder Pro Resume Builder v1.2

Pro resume builder is a resume making tool. It is formatted to a professional looking resume according to APA format.


DeskRoll DeskRoll v0.7

Have your desktop/laptop computer in the palm of your hand – anytime and wherever you go. Access your business apps and important files, do troubleshooting and maintenance, help your friends and family.


File Transfer Lite File Transfer Lite v1.5

Upload or download files to / from your device, from any web browser.
New, you can now send and receive files between Android devices.
Need to send to your PC, 1,100, 200 files, and receive 1, 100, 200 files?, then this is your app.


Ghost Talk Ghost Talk v2.0.3 G

Ghost Talk lets you record yourself and process the recording with different effects to create a talking ghost effect.


Multi DynDNS Updater (Free) Multi DynDNS Updater (Free) v1.5

Programm to Monitor the Device IP and Update the A-Record of Dynamic DNS Enabled domains, at different providers such as Namecheap.com, DynDNS.org, No-IP.org, Strato.com and a lot more in case the device IP has changed.

Both WIFI and Mobile Network is supported by this programm.


Yaclock Yaclock v3.3

Yaclock digital clock widget is yet another digital clock widget .

It is kept as simple as possible and only makes what it should. The time and date on stylish personalized nature show !


Runner Dice Runner Dice v2.3

Runner Dice is a roleplaying dice utility application designed to support players and gamemasters playing Shadowrun 5th edition.


Droid Over Wifi Droid Over Wifi v1.6.3

No wires, no drivers, no cables, no bluetooth only WiFi on a fresh air and browser to connect your Android device with desktop or laptop or even another android device with Droid Over Wifi app installed!
One button to start. Transfer, view, stream, rename, move, delete files and folders immediately over WiFi with any Browser and any OS.


AC: NL Planner AC: NL Planner v4

If you ever have trouble remembering meetings and events in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this is the app for you.


Files Splitter & Joiner Files Splitter & Joiner v1.5.0

File Splitter & Joiner is an application that help you to split and join any files.