memotarifs memotarifs v1.0

Prices acts for french medicine practitioner.
Prices for consultations, visits and some technical procedures (CCAM).
Makes no calculations except for mileage allowances.


iDialysis iDialysis v1.0.1

Take back control for dialysis patients, iDialysis is a mobile application for patient who are using dialysis machines.


In Season In Season v1.0

Android produce app for US growth seasons of produce


Alcotest Alcotest v1.1

The application indicates the approximate time of complete elimination of alcohol from the body.


BeHealthy BeHealthy v1.1

With the application Healthy can know your body mass index and whether it is right or not. Guests are able also cantiad know how much water is recommended daily for your weight. It has a section of advice on water and how and when to drink it.


WhatPills Free WhatPills Free v2.1

A free medical tracker app to manage your medication listening to your medicines


Relax Baby Relax Baby v1.0

Sounds for colic and baby gas.


Home Remedies Home Remedies v1.2

Guide to natural home remedies from the folk medicine for health and beauty.


Office Buzz Office Buzz v1.2

Alarm clock for workaholics. Reminds you to make little breaks in work regulary.


Steroid Encyclopedia Steroid Encyclopedia v1.201

The Steroid Encyclopedia app is by far the most comprehensive steroid information app on the android market today.
Others have attempted to cover the broad subject of anabolic steroids in often meagre detail; this is just not good enough! Cue Steroid Encyclopedia.


SkinnyGal SkinnyGal v1

Lose weight fast with this visualisation, hypnosis and meditation audio programme.

Drop a dress size easily with this visualisation, hypnosis and meditation audio programme channelled direct from the Angels


Ideal Fit Ideal Fit v1.0.1

Application helps you keep or get into shape, reach ideal proportions of your chest, waist and hips. It also calculates your BMI. Calculates your extents with camera or manual inputs.


Medical Formulas Medical Formulas v1.0.4

You can find all the calculations you need in medicine in this application


Справочник лекарств Мобильный доктор Справочник лекарств Мобильный доктор v2.0.1

Оффлайн справочник по лекарственным препаратам


Drugs Dictionary Drugs Dictionary v1.0

Very useful drugs dictionary. Very friendly and beautiful interface. The best choice for pocket drugs dictionary.


Heavenly Meditated Heavenly Meditated v1.4

Your spiritual journey awaits! Enter the realm of Heavenly Meditated and begin your spiritual journey today. Affirm self-love, soul, perfect health, inner peace, and true wealth! Lao Tzu, author of the tao te ching, will dispense great wisdom in defining each affirmation leading to the meditation. Let go and become immersed in the sounds of nature. Rain, wind, thunder, and crickets spill into your inner space as the soothing voice of soul confirms the affirmation.


Dentist Patient Record lite Dentist Patient Record lite v15.0

Dental Patient Record ...
store general Patient data (name sex age photo number)
store case history (diagnosis , treatment)]


Etiket okuma klavuzu Etiket okuma klavuzu v1.0

Her gün onlarca temizlik ve kişisel bakım ürünü kullanıyor, yüzlerce kimyasala maruz kalıyoruz. Ürün etiketlerindeki bu telaffuz edilemez maddelerin ne işe yaradığını, olası zararlarını anında öğrenin. Hep yanınızda taşıyacağınız bu uygulama, alışverişte daha sağlıklı seçimler yapmanız için size yol gösterecek.


BodyControl BodyControl v2.41

Body fat, bmi, lean weight, skeletal muscle mass
Body fat, bmi, lean weight, skeletal muscle mass, weight, girths.



Proper test preparation calls for savvy time management skills, and Upward Mobility's NCLEX-PN Nursing Exam Prep app will help you take advantage of the oddly spaced studying opportunities throughout your day, whether they're found on your daily commute or in line at the grocery store.